The Fault in Our Stars Twitter Reactions


Find out what fans had to say about the film. Spoiler alert: It includes many tears.

  • @christinepilar ansel and shai gave justice to the book so kudos to them!!
  • @jamhutcherfin As a result of seeing TFiOS, I was really impressed with Ansel’s acting out of anybody’s. I thought he did a great job
  • @croley Tfios was seriously the best movie
  • @diannehadap emotionally unstable for the rest of my life bc tfios.
  • @LokiiLaufeyson Honestly, I found to be quite boring…
  • @accioboooks  I saw yesterday and it was perfect. ansel and shailene were perfect. congrats, its the best movie of the year xx
  • @CourtneyLuther TFIOS was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen…
  • @dansmeow but guys, i went to see tfios and, i was so excited to see it but it was a let down, to be completely honest+…
  • @makfinley2017 So many people were crying in the theater last night it was unreal. I loved it.
  • @mmillaxoxo Oh gosh but it was the best. So beautifully and tragically made into movie. Lcckfkdlslldlsaööaöw
  • @bieber_ariane The fault in our stars is the best movie ever. The saddest too! I cried for the last 45 minutes! ❤ :’)
  • @Sarahholloway_ This movie is about to make me reevaluate my whole life
  • @Reading_Girl So was AMAZING! It broke my heart…Again. Like…I just…I can’t even explain how much I loved it! I wanna go back &see it again!
  • @sazzyrosalie Definitely One of The Best Movie Adaptation
  • @claudmramos I am literary crying walking home. so good.
  • @WannaMinajOrNah  is one of those movies that I would watch 8254167 times. like it’s THAT good. DEFINITELY recommend it. 5 stars.

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