20 Reactions to Out of Africa

Photo Source: fanpop.com

Photo Source: fanpop.com

For some, June 22 is any other day but at popculturenexus.com, June 22 is BIG day. It’s Meryl Streep’s birthday!!!!!!

So, how do you celebrate the day the world was given one of the most talented actors to have ever lived? Do you have a Meryl movie marathon? Do you listen to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack on repeat? I guess it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do it with passion because that’s what makes Meryl so astounding. Whether she is rafting down the Salmon River or ruthlessly leading a fashion magazine, Meryl breathes life into each character she portrays because she is passionate about her craft. Her passion is palpable on the screen which makes it easy to believe her relationships with other characters. To celebrate Meryl’s birthday, we decided to look at one of her greatest love stories, Out of Africa (1985)

She once had a farm in Africa but we still have 20 feels we can’t get over.


1) When a train stops in the middle of the desert for Denys.

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2) When the men kick Karen out of the bar for being a girl.

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3) When Bror leaves for a hunting trip after his wedding day.

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4) When a man is asked to deliver food to Delamere but a girl goes instead.

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5) When Karen contracts syphilis from one of Bror’s mistresses.  

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6) When Denys appears at the end of the war and asks for a story.

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7) When Karen discovers another woman’s underclothes in the back of the car and tells Bror to leave her house.

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8) When Denys washes Karen’s hair.

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9) When Denys returns and moves in with Karen.

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10) When Kenya’s landscape is seen from above.

 11) When Karen and Denys hold hands on the plane.

12) When Bror returns.

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13) When Karen tells Denys he should move out

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14) When a fire burns all the coffee.

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15) When the Governor’s wife speaks for her husband and promises land for the Kikuyu.

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16) When Farrah requests a big fire to find Karen.

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17) When there’s an accident at Tsavo

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18) When Karen gives the eulogy

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19) When the club’s members ask Karen to have a drink with them

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20) When Farrah gets the compass

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