Watch the ‘Chasing Life’ summer finale tonight on ABC Family

Chasing Life

Image credit: ABC Family

I didn’t expect to like ABC Family’s new cancer-themed drama Chasing Life. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on watching it, but when my friend told me how much she thought I’d enjoy it, I finally gave it a try…mainly because Scott Michael Foster is in it. You may remember him as Cappie from ABC Family’s Greek — one of my top 5 fictional boyfriends of all time. He’s one of those actors whom I will watch in literally anything. Remember Zero Hour on ABC? Yeah. I even watched that for him. It’s worth mentioning that one of the executive producers on Chasing Life is Patrick Sean Smith, who also created Greek, which, as I mentioned, is one of my favorite shows. I don’t think I realized how much I  was missing ABC Family in my TV lineup until I started Chasing Life. I haven’t watched the network since Bunheads got canceled, but I really do love ABC Family’s signature mix of unabashed emotion — which frequently borders on saccharine — and genuine wit. While they may be too cheesy for some folks to stomach, most of ABC Family’s series are actually very smart, progressive, and well written.

I was reminded of this after watching just the first episode of Chasing Life. The Boston set drama stars Italia Ricci as an ambitious reporter in her early twenties who is diagnosed with Leukemia. At first it sounds like just another product of the recent cancer trend in entertainment, which in a way, it is, but there’s more to it than that. It’s a show about family: April lives with her mother, teenage sister, and grandmother — all of whom are wonderful characters in their own right. The supporting cast is excellent, especially April’s Australian best friend, as well as Scott Michael Foster’s charming, hilarious, and sometimes overly blunt politician’s son/cancer patient, Leo. While Chasing Life may be full of tropes and cliches (secret half-siblings, love triangles, a sassy grandmother…) it’s also full of heart, and that is something that’s sorely lacking in most television shows these days.  If that’s not reason enough for you to watch it, at least there’s Scott Michael Foster for eye candy.

The summer finale of Chasing Life airs tonight at 9 on ABC Family.



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