Orphan Black 1×06 Photo Recap: Variations Under Domestication

Orphan Black Cover


Let me start off by saying I’m sorry for the hiatus. Sorry I’ve been slacking on my Orphan Black recaps but I needed a break and then I got Season 2 and well, you know…when Season 2 falls into your lap, life itself stops to watch the show. I successfully finished so now it’s time to get back to my photo recaps. Where did I stop? Ah yes, Big Dick Paul finds out Sarah is not Beth. I’ve been chastising Paul all this time for not catching on that his girlfriend was another girl but he’s known the whole time! Hindsight is 20/20 and after watching Season 2, I know now that Paul is a double agent. He isn’t truly shocked when Sarah reveals herself. He is just acting it. Sorry Paul, I underestimated you. Another person that shouldn’t be underestimated is Alison Hendrix. Chick will not rest until she gets what she wants.

Episode 6 starts off with Alison waking up to check her radioshack surveillance system. Doesn’t everyone? Wake up. Drink some orange juice. Check fitbit data and last night’s video footage.

Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0074 OrphanBlack106.Camera Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0094

We discover Donnie isn’t performing experiments on Alison but we do discover something unfortunate…his underwear. It’s not a good look. I don’t want to be the pants police but is it that hard to wear shorts? Donnie’s bedtime fashion sense reminds me of another guy. Walter Bishop. The two should get together and form a ‘Gentlemen in Underwear’ club. They can be sponsored by Fruit of the Loom and hold monthly meetings to rant about pants. They can even recruit Walter White.


Gentlemen in Underwear Club

Donnie says he woke up in the middle of the night to watch cricket but really, he woke up to Skype with Walter Bishop and discuss new prints for their fall underwear collection.
Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0099 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0106 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0117

While Alison is busy worrying why Donnie left their bed during the night, Donnie is frustrated they aren’t ready for their potluck that afternoon. Dishes are not clean. Party bags are not done. And there is no ice! GASP. How are they going to have a party if there is no ice? Donnie throws on a coat to fetch the party items but before he can open the door, Alison channels her inner Katy Bates to knock him down with a snow shovel. She does what every viewer has been secretly wanting to do…bitch slap Donnie. She just takes it one step further and her husband finally gets a hefty dose of comeuppance.

Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0166 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0170

Alison in’t the only having domestic troubles. Back at Beth’s flat, Sarah and Paul are playing the trust game campers play to build friendship and what not. But they’re not successful. Paul is more forthcoming telling her the test results go to Olivier but he has no idea what they’re used for. Its interesting to hear him say, “We need to try to be honest with each other,” yet he’s the most tense. His body language doesn’t sell his proposal so Sarah escapes out the bathroom window. I would’ve done the same. Paul is not to be trusted. It’s like that old adage, “Never trust the man who eats toast.”

Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0229 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0231 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0232

A good rule of thumb after knocking someone out is to get rid of the body.
Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0354 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0356 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0361

Fringe reference! Bravo.

It’s a craft room of torture! THIS IS WHY I LOVE ALISON! Her character is made up of contradictory elements. On the surface, she is an organized, Martha Stewart mother, but she is not afraid to use that multicolored ribbon to gag her husband. The imagery of seeing Donnie’s torture occur in the room meant for fun and creativity is brilliant!Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0395 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0409 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0433 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0449 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0454 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0455

Uhhh, why is Cosima indulging Delphine? Does she accept her invitation because she is interested in getting some information from her monitor or because her intentions driven by her heart? I like to think Cosima says yes to attending Dr. Leekie’s talk because she seeks answers. She is a scientist. Her quest for knowledge overshadows her emotional pull. What do you think? Delphine’s intentions are much more clear than Cosima’s.  She wants Cosima to join DYAD and to do that, she must introduce her to Dr. Leekie under the pretense that they are going to attend his presentation at the university.

Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0469 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0472 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0480 Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0484

Alison picks the worst time to assault her husband, but when you think about it, is there really a good time to assault someone? Not really. Alison has the daunting task of juggling the neighborhood potluck and interrogation. She needs help so she calls the only person who can help her be in two places at once…her clone. (Sometimes I wish I had a clone. I would totally make my clone run errands while I lounged at the pool.) Sarah goes to the ‘burbs to help Alison. She agrees to interrogate Donnie while Alison mingles with her nosey neighbors as wait for it…Spice Girls play in the background. Any party with 90s music is instantly awesome. That’s a fact. Back in the basement, Sarah dresses up as Alison in another magnificent ‘clone playing another clone’ scene. She interrogates Donnie but what she does is so much better than that. She pushes Donnie back when he bullies Sarah as Alison. Sarah stands up for her sister, telling him he is acting unfairly in their marriage. You go sister clone!


Dr. Leekie has a fan club! If the Matrix and Underworld fandoms had kids, they would make up the Freaky Leekie group.  Their vampire eyes are creepy and add to the theatrics of Dr. Leekie’s presentation. Now, I didn’t see the AMAZING TEDtalk Delphine gushes about but my takeaway from this talk about humans striving forward for bionic eyes sounds like Neolution equals philosophy of crazy.


It’s always great television when Felix is out of his environment. Felix has to leave his pad in the city to visit the manicured lawns in the burbs because of a little emergency. And by little, I mean HUGE. Sure, not having ice at the Spice Girls neighborhood party is bad but the ice isn’t the issue. Alison has a wee bit too much to drink and passes out in the basement. It’s now up to Sarah as Alison and Felix to play hosts. Another problem arises though. Paul and Vic crash the potluck. Does no one respect the guest list anymore?!

Paul breaks into Alison’s house and finds her asleep on the couch. At first, he thinks it’s Sarah but Sarah would never have a George Clooney sex dream. She’s more of a Brad Pitt in Fight Club girl. Paul continues to snoop around and finds the patriarch of the Hendrix clan gagged and tied to a chair. See, this is what happens when people show up unexpectedly. You find piles of clean, unfolded clothes on the ground and a husband being tortured by decorative edge scissors.  I always like to know who is visiting me days in advance so I have time to make my apartment look like an Ikea showroom. I have no shame in creating an illusion.Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_1508Orphan_Black_S01E06_Variations_Under_Domestication_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_1509

While in the craft room, Paul sees Sarah and Vic talking in Alison’s bedroom thanks to the spy cam. So he takes his self-guided house tour upstairs and walks in on the ex-lovebirds’ reunion. Vic, the brilliant detective that he is, thinks Sarah faked her death to pull off a scam as a suburban housewife and now he wants in on the profit. Sarah reminds him that he got his GTFO money, but Vic wants more. Paul, who hears this conversation, plays along to save Sarah. What?! surprisesurprise He was actually being serious about helping each other. Paul is about as shady as a 5 o’clock shadow but one thing he can be counted on is to protect Sarah. He doesn’t wish harm on her. Paul makes Vic believe he is in on the scam and convinces him to take the conversation elsewhere…you know far enough away so the party guests don’t hear Vic’s screams as he is being tortured. Two tortures in one house-it’s like an episode of Homeland. It’s a good thing the guys leaves because just as they are walking out, Aynsley walks in with her marital woes. Oh, Aynsley. She’s like that piece of lint on a black dress you can’t get rid of. She is a polite girl but she shows up at the worst times and is so pushy.


Paul takes the opportunity to interrogate Vic and extract what he knows about Sarah. He asks if he knows Beth or Alison and when I mean “ask” I don’t mean it in a polite way. Paul presses a nail gun against Vic’s temple wanting answers but poor Vic is utterly confused. (Nail gun…glue gun…I smell a theme of alternative weapons here) Vic pleads for Sarah to calm Paul down. He tells Paul that the reason why he continues to pop up in her life is because he is in love with her, “I do crazy things for her.” Hmmmmmmmm. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it Paul? Sure, Paul lusts for Sarah but he also cares about her. He cares about her so much that he nails Vic’s good hand to the chair.


What do a couple talk about after hosting a neighborhood potluck they never attended? That’s the question Alison and Donnie are forced to answer that night after everyone left. There is some awkward silence at first when Alison joins Donnie in the bed, but then Donnie breaks and tells his wife the contents of the box. He says the box had letters from a girl in college who had lupus and then never heard from again. He apologizes for holding onto something personal and cries into her lap. I’m not sure I believe this story. When I first saw this episode, I totally thought he was acting because I still suspected he could be a monitor, but now, I think his emotions in this scene are real. However, I still do not believe the story about the letters. I think something else was in the box. What do you think? Do you believe Donnie’s story or do you think the box had other documents he was trying to hide? Maybe papers he signed for DYAD?


I hope you enjoyed the photo recap. What were your favorite moments in 1×06? Mine were Felix’s posh look, the craft room, Maslany playing a clone playing another clone and the toast (duh!).

Before you leave, Olivia Dunham has a very important question to ask you…

Thanks for reading!

Special thank you to kissthemgoodbye.net for the screencaps.


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