Celebrating My Favorite Fandoms


New shadowbox with Veronica Mars lanyard and Fringe coin from Fringenuity

For many, September is the month after August, but for others September is a Fringe event which @DannaAissa is celebrating by posting September related pictures on Twitter or Instagram. I don’t have a fedora to honor everyone’s favorite Observer and I can’t handle spicy food, HOWEVER I recently finished a craft project that celebrates the show. Not too long after the Veronica Mars movie premiered I wanted to fill a shadowbox with tokens of fandoms that have largely impacted how I experience television shows. I chose three shows: So Weird, Veronica Mars and Fringe. I like to call So Weird my beginnings. I wasn’t on the internet talking with other viewers or joining petitions but I was participating in a local fan group at my elementary school. My friends and I watched the show, talked about it and adopted characters from the show. (And for those who know a little Pop Culture Nexus history, Louise was part of this awesome group) It wasn’t until Veronica Mars that I began interacting with other fans who were not classmates and then Fringe taught me how incredibly supportive a fandom can be outside the show. I’m still looking for a So Weird token to place in the shadowbox, but for now, my Veronica Mars movie lanyard and Fringe coin are great tokens to look at when I need a reminder of the power a fan community can have on a show and its own members.

Visit @DannaAissa’s blog to learn how you can participate in #SeptembertheObserver



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  1. Really nice. 🙂

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