‘Fringe’/’Once Upon A Time’ Photo Recap Crossover

Hi everyone!

When @GodsGirl1989 told us Fringe fans were planning a special event on September 9, we wanted to contribute something somehow. So, we decided to put a creative twist on our photo recaps. A crossover photo recap! Rather than die in the explosion in Season 5 Episode 4, Etta is transported to Storybrooke where she meets Emma Swan and her family. Together, they must defeat the Snow Queen and find a way to get Etta home. We hope you enjoy it!

Boston, Massachusetts

Fringe_OUAT_1 Fringe_OUAT_2

Storybrooke, Maine

Fringe_OUAT_3 Fringe_OUAT_4 Fringe_OUAT_5

After the explosion, Etta was transported to a town called Storybrooke. It’s a lot like Disneyland but without the long lines and crying babies. Etta hadn’t done much traveling between universes like her parents, so at first, she was a bit freaked out by her new surroundings and unique wardrobe. She looked like a princess ready for Cinderella’s ball, but Etta was no damsel in distress. Have you met her parents? She was practically born with a leather jacket and a gun holster. She can handle anything.

Fringe_OUAT_6 Fringe_OUAT_7 Fringe_OUAT_8Fringe_OUAT_9Fringe_OUAT_10

WHAT?! That blue gown should come with a warning label! “Wash with like colors, tumble dry, and be careful what you freeze”

After Etta defrosted the car, she got a ride to the center of town for some food because who isn’t hungry after traveling between universes? Also, she is Walter Bishop’s granddaughter. She inherited her father’s cheekbones, her mother’s hair, and her grandfather’s appetite.


Back at home, Etta’s parents were so desperate to find her that they enlisted the help of Anil, a man who needs no introduction.


In Storybrooke, the locals were kind enough to help Etta find a way home. There was just one problem. Ingrid, the Snow Queen with sister issues, was in town and wanted Etta to stay.


Etta was able to use a magical phone at Mary Margaret and David’s house to call home and tell her parents she was fine.


Peter and Olivia were understandably antsy to get their daughter back home so they devised a plan to travel to Storybrooke and save their little girl. They had lost years of Etta’s life while they were stuck in amber and were not willing to lose another minute more. The plan consisted of injecting Olivia with cortexiphan so could cross over to Storybrooke, destroy the Snow Queen, and bring Etta home. It sounds simple, but nothing is simple in the lives of Peter and Olivia.


After the Snow Queen vanished, Emma and her parents remembered there was a magical door that connected Storybrooke to all universes. Hurray!!

Fringe_OUAT_79Fringe_OUAT_80Fringe_OUAT_81Fringe_OUAT_82Fringe_OUAT_83Fringe_OUAT_84The door transported Etta back but not the year she was aiming for. See, back in her world, her grandfather sacrificed himself to rid the world of Observers and prevent the invasion. Etta wasn’t aware of this so when she traveled back, she returned as a 4 year old in the park. And everything was perfect!
Peter and Etta Olivia.Etta2Thank for reading!

Want to continue celebrating Fringe? Check out the activities the team behind On The Fringe Again has planned. 

-Mary and Louise


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  1. GIRLS….THIS IS MY FAV PHOTO RECAP YOU HAVE EVER DONE!!!! It probably has something to do with the fact that I am a total Fringe, Lost and Once Upon A Time JUNKY!!! Ummm so yeah….I am basically speechless…especially with that epic Snow Queen death….like you girls have no idea how hard I ship Sawyer and Juliet!!! Ok…I am going to try to collect myself for the rest of the party but my heart has kinda exploded so it will be a challenge!!


  2. That is the most perfect crossover EVER! Great job!

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