Happy Birthday Louise

Dear Louise,

Thank you for existing! You are an amazing friend and even more amazing human being. I don’t know what cosmic deal was made for us to reconnect in college after so many years apart but I’m grateful for it. Today is special because it is your birthday. It’s your day! LOUISE DAY!


In my opinion, there should be more Louise days throughout the year because you rock. Here are just some examples of how you make everything cool.

You can improvise and make the best of every situation. Remember that time we filmed our FIRST pop culture video? It was so low-grade filmmaking but you made the content high quality.


Check out that desk lamp lighting our set! Hollywood should take notes.

You make every day Comic Con day.


Pop culture shirts for the win!


The force is strong with these socks

You can write a witty and heartbreaking song on the fly.


Evil League of Evil video application 90909

And you even make arguments fun.



See! Louise Days are great days. They are always a blast and filled with laughter. The best part is that those days turn into treasured memories that never stop shining. You are extraordinary and I wish you all the great things in life amiga! Happy Birthday Louise Day!




A few more folks want to wish you HAPPY LOUISE DAY


Human Trials

BAFTA: A Life in Pictures, Joss Whedon, London, Britain - 14 Jun 2013

Photo by Jamie Simonds/BAFTA/REX



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