Our Favorite ‘Fringe’ Characters in 2016

Eight years ago today Fringe aired on Fox and the wonderful folks at On the Fringe Again decided to celebrate this occasion by organizing a pilot rewatch at 9PM EST. Check out their site for details.

If you visited this site before then you know that the Fringe community has a special place in our hearts. We admire this group dearly so we decided to make a small contribution today. We met at Donovan’s restaurant, ate some apple pie and imagined what our favorites characters were doing in 2016.  The series ended on a positive note but there were some very important questions that didn’t get answered like did Etta ever get that bath? Let’s hope so because hygiene is very important to establish at an early age.


What about the rest of the gang? What did they decide to do when Walter rid the world of observers? Here are our theories:

Altlivia & Lincoln

Lincoln and Altlivia make up two-fifths of a bluegrass band, spending their weekends cultivating pumpkins and other gourds in their sustainable rooftop garden. Altlivia is pregnant with their first child, whom they plan to name Trevor. The only notable craving Altlivia has experienced during her pregnancy is peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.


Our prediction of what will happen the day Trevor is born:



Olivia continues to work for the FBI but no longer has the hectic schedule that dominated her life when she was with the fringe division. She thought she would hate the slow pace but she has grown to really enjoy it. She is at home for dinner each night and leads family game night on Fridays. She has learned to relax a little more but she is still Olivia. She can never let her guard down completely and she worries the world can change at any moment. Despite this worry, she has learned to appreciate her time with Peter and Etta. She makes her little girl hot cocoa at night and joins Etta at their annual cortexiphan checkup. Every year, Olivia and Etta visit Massive Dynamic to ensure cortexiphan is not in their bodies. Olivia is not a big fan of these appointments but little Etta loves being in the lab and hanging out with grandma Nina.



With no more fringe events to worry about, Peter decided to leave the agency and start his very own clothing line. He and Lincoln discussed creating a fashion line together years ago but with Lincoln in the other universe, Peter decided to honor their idea by naming his brand, Pecoln.  He began designing  pea coats then expanded to undershirts and formal wear when the brand became popular. He also has a knack for modeling and appears in all his ads.



Etta is now in the the first grade and the smartest kid in her class which is no surprise.  She has a penchant for baking and makes pancakes mixed with red vines every Sunday morning with her dad. Like many six year olds, she is still obsessed with the Disney movie, Frozen, even though it came out three years ago.



Astrid made a name for herself by developing a temperature regulating serum that prevents milkshakes from melting. This commercial success allowed her the freedom to pursue some of her more underfunded passion projects. She also competed on The Great British Bake Off, donating her winnings to the Walter Bishop Scholarship Fund for Inquisitive Young Scientists.


Thank you Fringe community for being awesome!


Screencaps from fringefiles.com



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