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Our Favorite ‘Fringe’ Characters in 2016

Eight years ago today Fringe aired on Fox and the wonderful folks at On the Fringe Again decided to celebrate this occasion by organizing a pilot rewatch at 9PM EST. Check out their site for details.

If you visited this site before then you know that the Fringe community has a special place in our hearts. We admire this group dearly so we decided to make a small contribution today. We met at Donovan’s restaurant, ate some apple pie and imagined what our favorites characters were doing in 2016.  The series ended on a positive note but there were some very important questions that didn’t get answered like did Etta ever get that bath? Let’s hope so because hygiene is very important to establish at an early age.


What about the rest of the gang? What did they decide to do when Walter rid the world of observers? Here are our theories:

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Get Ready Marshmallows

See what happens when Louise refuses to go to the Veronica Mars movie with Mary wearing a special t-shirt.

Favorite Moments from Castle 6×04 “Number One Fan”

castle cover

His “Writer” bulletproof vest saved him!! We all laughed and thought it was cute, but now, we are thanking our lucky stars Castle got that vest. In fact, he should probably continue wearing it every time he leaves the house because he’s been having a rough couple of weeks. First, he gets poisoned and then he gets shot. Ouch! Any other girlfriend would probably wrap him in bubble wrap, but Beckett lets him walk into danger. She admires his courage and desire to help others, even when his number fan comes off as SUPER crazy. She was not Misery-crazy but still erratic AND with a gun. One bright side to the incident is that Castle found out his fans honor grammar rules. Never forget to dot the “i” folks.


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Favorite Moments from Castle 6×03 “Need to Know”

castle cover

Ouch! Beckett has been fired. She lost her job but perhaps it was for the best with the government shutdown going on. Plus, she knows she can always return to the NYPD so her career is not ruined. It’s definitely a setback professionally but now, she will be in the same city her future husband is in. hehehe Husband. It’s still weird to imagine Castle being referred to as ‘husband.’ Watch out NYC! Caskett is back in town!!!!

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Favorite Moments from Castle 6×02 “Dreamworld”

castle cover

Now that they’ve resolved the “Castle is gonna die” problem, they can start planning their wedding. I’m thinking a calla lilly on each pew in the church and a cake topper with the bride and groom wearing bulletproof vests. The groom’s will say “Writer” and the bride’s will say “Police.” Their hands should be handcuffed as well! Awwww. Before I get too far ahead in daydreaming the perfect Caskett nuptial, here’s a recap of my favorite moments from 6×02.

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Happy Birthday Olivia Dunham!


Okay, so it’s really Anna Torv’s birthday but we decided to take this opportunity and throw Olivia a party. And, let’s face it…we just want to bring the Fringe fans together again because we miss each other.

We all know Olivia is a minimalist but today we are going to shower her with lots of gifts, both practical and impractical stuff. Perhaps you want to give her a pet rock or a pink rhinestone covered knit hat. It doesn’t matter. She can’t say no! Share your gift for the most badass Fringe agent in the comments section, and remember to be creative and ALWAYS have fun.

Possible gift ideas:

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Favorite Moments from Castle 5×21 “The Squab and the Quail”

castle cover

“It’s the guy from ‘Ringer’!!” His name is actually Ioan Gruffodd but I don’t know how to pronounce it so I call him “Ringer Guy” after the short lived show on the CW starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. His role in this week’s episode strangely felt like he was still playing Andrew Martin- a rich, handsome businessman. Same suits. Same hair. Just no SMG. That’s okay. Jealous Castle made up for it.

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Argo Reimagined

If Argo was produced by Joel Wyman…

Original Photo:

Original Photo:

Happy Birthday Louise!

This probably won’t top last year’s post but I think Louise will still enjoy it. Happy Birthday Friend!


Louise.BDay1 Louise.BDay2 Louise.BDay3 Louise.BDay4Louise.BDay5 Louise.BDay6

Photo: Bob D'Amico, ABC

Photo: Bob D’Amico, ABC

Screencaps from

TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×01 “Farhampton”

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS © 2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

How I Met Your Mother returned for its eighth season. Read what the fans had to say about the premiere on twitter:

  • @KreeBeau LOVED the #HIMYM premiere! It’s nice when a show actually has a story line… assuming we’ll meet the mother soon! #yellowumbrella
  • @timmyodonovan That might be the best ending to a #himym episode ive ever seen
  • @Ariana_Joy #himym was pretty perfect
  • @TommyLuers #HIMYM just teases and teases and teases…….and teases#bestshow #iwannabemarshall
  • @cmcolcomb I’m not even sure that I understood the sequence of events in tonights #HIMYM#JUSTTELLUSALREADY.
  • @Blink_myEYES Sooo #HIMYM was exciting yet disappointing … I wanted more 😦
  • @abhimanyu_datta How come none of the kids has spoken anything in past 6 seasons in #himym
  • @austinburns #HIMYM is getting into jump-the-shark territory. :/
  • @duckduckgu #HIMYM is the only sitcom that can make me cry. It’s just so engaging!
  • @neil_lakdawala i literally hate that yellow umbrella #HIMYM
  • @pugnacity_ Ted. You kinda piss me off.. #HIMYM
  • @riseupbro Gotta give it to the #himym writers. Awesome premiere and a great step to the mother. Also I went on Price is Eight and won a dune buggy.
  • @cory_martin So in the season premier of #HIMYM, we learned that The Mother has canckles? Did I see that right?
  • @notBryBry #HIMYM season premiere was pretty good tho.
  • @nwahs086 Is Ted the protagonist anymore? #HIMYM
  • @MicheleShore Loved tonights episode of #HIMYM 🙂
  • @TheTVReferee Victoria makes me want to throw up. #justsayin #HIMYM
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