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‘Arrow’ Finale Photo Recap: “Sacrifice”

Arrow 1x23 Destiny

“Sacrifice” was an appropriate title for the Arrow season finale since it was definitely the central theme of the episode. That, and dramatic lighting cues. (More on that later.) Oliver’s father sacrificing his life so his son could live; Oliver sacrificing his love life to help save Starling City; Detective Lance sacrificing his safety to try to save the Glades; and of course, the incomparable Tommy Merlyn, whose sacrifice marked the single saddest moment of the show to date—including that time Yao Fei made Oliver kill a chicken. (RIP Clucky.) I have to say, I was pretty shocked by the ending, but it was a sufficiently climactic finale, due in large part to the aforementioned dramatic lighting.

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‘ARROW’ 1×21 Photo Recap: “The Undertaking”


You know how you can tell this was a great episode? Because I didn’t even notice that Colton Haynes wasn’t in it. And you all know that even the slightest lull can trigger my brain to go into “Okay, but where is Colton Haynes?” mode. It’s pretty much my default setting. But I was so distracted by all the shenanigans going on in this episode—Murder plots! Declarations of love! Olicity innuendos! Flashback hair!—that I didn’t even have time to miss Roy “Cheekbones of an Angel” Harper. So yeah. Let’s talk about some things. Like the fact that Oliver has chemistry with literally everyone on this show. Seriously: Felicity, Laurel, Diggle… Oliver is basically just a walking volcano of sexual tension. I’m pretty sure that’s his real super power. But I’m getting off topic (shocker), so let’s delve into this somewhat monumental episode…

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‘Arrow’ 1×20 Photo Recap: “Home Invasion”


I think this is a good time to mention that I have signed up for an intro to archery class, which may prove to be a fatal exercise in misdirected fanaticism for all things Hunger Games, Hawkeye, and Green Arrow related. So wish me luck! (I’ll need it, given my track record with pointy objects.) I was hoping that watching Shado try to teach Oliver how to shoot would prepare me for my own lesson, but the two of them seemed to be practicing something other than archery…unless I’m doing it wrong. I didn’t think archery involved that much tongue. But I’m getting ahead of myself… This week’s episode of Arrow had a lot going on: breakups, man feelings, Whedon alumni, orphans, and two shirtless scenes. All in all, a fairly well rounded episode, though it could have used more Felicity Smoak, if you ask me. Let’s begin at the beginning…

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‘Arrow’ 1×19 Photo Recap: “Unfinished Business”


If you’ve ever read any of my Fringe photo recaps, I think you all know what’s going to be the central theme of this recap. No, it’s not the chemistry between Slade and Shado, or the fact that Laurel’s role seems to have been reduced to nothing more than convenient legal advisor and perpetual middlewoman in various conflicts between her loved ones. No, this episode’s most important feature was the return of a very special guest star, the one and only SETH MOTHER-EFFING GABEL. You may know him from Fringe, Dirty Sexy Money, or from my dreams. Fortunately for everyone (and particularly my dignity), I’ve moved past the point where just seeing his face is enough to send me into a fit of sobs while clawing at the wall screaming, “LINCOOOOOLN!!!” but I still can’t look at him without hearing Phil Collins’ “You’ll Be in My Heart” playing in my head. So yeah… Baby steps.

Seth was back this week as the super-psycho drug dealer known as “The Count,” but you might as well just call him “Unfinished Business,” since that’s what he was to Oliver, who has a personal vendetta against the Count since his dangerous club drug Vertigo almost cost Thea her life. Speaking of Thea, she was conspicuously absent this episode, which was disappointing considering it meant we didn’t get to see any of her adorable beau and his glorious torso charming personality. It’s very possible that Colton Haynes and Felicity have become my favorite parts of this show. Also, Oliver and Dig’s bromance, which was on the rocks this episode. In the end, though, they were there for each other when it mattered most—because THAT’S WHAT LOVE IS.

Anyway, back to admiring Seth Gabel’s crazy-eyes…

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‘Arrow’ 1×18 Photo Recap: “Salvation”


This week’s episode of Arrow was chock-full of chase scenes, broken-down doors, and unresolved family trauma. It might not have been as consistent and well put-together as last week’s gem of an episode, but it was still pretty solid. Thumbs-up: Colton Haynes’ puppy dog eyes, Laurel’s wishbone necklace, shirtless pull-ups. Thumbs-down: Laurel’s mom (even though Alex Kingston is a goddess), Moira and Frank Chen’s Double Indemnity subplot. (RIP Frank.) But back to the part about shirtless pull-ups…

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‘Arrow’ 1×17 Photo Recap: “The Huntress Returns”


Okay, so it’s been two months since Fringe ended, and there’s still a Fringe-shaped hole in my soul, but just because it’s over doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to go on with our lives. And in case you hadn’t noticed, my life basically consists of lots of television. (And also cake.) After some really supportive feedback from you guys on Twitter, I decided to try my hand at photo recapping another show. So here goes… Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…my first Arrow photo recap! (Bear with me; it’s been a while since I did this…)

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