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‘Fringe’/’Once Upon A Time’ Photo Recap Crossover

Hi everyone!

When @GodsGirl1989 told us Fringe fans were planning a special event on September 9, we wanted to contribute something somehow. So, we decided to put a creative twist on our photo recaps. A crossover photo recap! Rather than die in the explosion in Season 5 Episode 4, Etta is transported to Storybrooke where she meets Emma Swan and her family. Together, they must defeat the Snow Queen and find a way to get Etta home. We hope you enjoy it!

Boston, Massachusetts

Fringe_OUAT_1 Fringe_OUAT_2

Storybrooke, Maine

Fringe_OUAT_3 Fringe_OUAT_4 Fringe_OUAT_5

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‘FRINGE’ Finale Photo Recap: “Liberty” & “An Enemy of Fate”

Fringe The End

Fringe is over.

I still haven’t quite processed all the emotions that go along with that fact, but I imagine this feeling is something akin to how Wile E. Coyote felt when he ran off a cliff chasing the Roadrunner, pausing for a second in midair, at which point the Roadrunner handed him an anvil, causing him to plummet to the ground. Only, in this scenario, the anvil is our hearts, and the cliff is five seasons of heartbreaking, soul-crushing, blood-pumping, life-affirming Fringe. I never thought heartbreak could feel so good. I guess this is what John Mellencamp was talking about when he sang “Hurts So Good.”

I’m going to be honest—I’m pretty sure I started crying every time Lincoln came on screen. I don’t even know why; it was like this visceral reaction to having him back for those few precious minutes. If you had played a drinking game where you took a shot every time I started crying during the final episode of Fringe, you would have been passed out by the end of act I. Now, I’m not a crier in everyday life, but once fictional characters become involved, the tear ducts start flowing like a Champagne fountain at Beyoncé’s baby shower. The Fringe finale was like The Notebook + The Lion King x Brokeback Mountain to the power of Life Is Beautiful. Fortunately for everyone, the brilliant writers saw fit to inject enough humor and heart into the final chapter of Fringe that it made you smile almost as often as it made you weep. Whether or not I can recap this episode without my laptop suffering extensive water damage from my tears remains to be seen, but let’s see how it goes…

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‘FRINGE’ 5×11 Photo Recap: “The Boy Must Live”

Fringe 5x11 The Boy Must Live

For five seasons, Fringe has been weaving all these different stories, each one spinning off into its own tassel (or, fringe, if you will), and now, finally all these threads are coming together and being woven into a beautiful, multi-colored tapestry, which we, the fandom, can use to dry our tears, keep us warm, and to cocoon ourselves in while we try to find a way to go on with our lives after Fringe ends. Although it sometimes may feel as though this tapestry (which I guess is really more like a blanket or a shawl if we’re using it to cover ourselves with) is wrapped so tightly around us that we can’t breathe—either from excitement or emotional distress—that’s just part of being a Fringe fan, and I think most of us are used to it by now. As we near the end of the series, these various threads are finally being tied together, as we saw in this week’s penultimate chapter. “The Boy Must Live” brought together several pieces of Fringe history, including the origin of the Observers, September (AKA Donald), his message to Walter when he saved Peter from the lake, Michael, the Master Plan, and the ever-important theme of snow globes. This episode also paid tribute to past seasons by harkening back on some Fringe classics, like the theme of fathers protecting their sons at all costs, the white tulip, the sensory deprivation tank, and, of course, Walter in the nude. In short, it was one of the best episodes of the season, and it set the stage perfectly for next week’s finale. [Pause for sobbing.] Before I think about the finale too much and become further incapacitated by my weeping, let’s get started on reviewing this fabulous episode.

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‘FRINGE’ 5×10 Photo Recap: “Anomaly XB-6783746”

_Fringe 5x10 Walter Nina and Peter

Well I think you guys all know what I’m going to say… No, it’s not how glad I am that Anil wasn’t in this episode. (Although that’s true too.) It’s that I can’t believe how awesome it is that we got another montage in this episode!!! I mean, I already got most of the things on my Christmas list: a Fringe montage, Peter and Olivia back together, Peter with his shirt off, a scene that I could somehow work George Michael into… All that’s left on my wish list is the demise of Anil, and seeing Lincoln Lee one more time (preferably Alt-Lincoln, but I’d take either one). I don’t really see that happening, but you never know. If anyone could pull it off, it’s Santa Joel Wyman. Speaking of Santa, let’s get started so I can go wrap the pile of Fringe DVDs I’m giving to everyone I’ve ever met. I’ll be sure to attach a note that says, “You’re welcome in advance—and I’m sorry for the emotional turbulence that you are about to endure.”

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‘FRINGE’ 5×09 Photo Recap: “Black Blotter”

Fringe - Walter green fairy

This episode was not what I expected. Then again, Fringe pretty much makes a habit of taking your expectations and chewing them up and spitting them back in your face like a llama.

But in a good way. “Black Blotter” was less of a fun drug-fueled romp á la “Brown Betty” and “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide,” and more of a somber rumination on Walter’s guilt and his regression to his old self…but with green fairies. It reminded of A Christmas Carol, minus the Muppets and the singing. (My only knowledge of A Christmas Carol comes from watching A Muppet Christmas Carol every year for the past twenty years. Were there Muppets in Dickens’ original story?) Walter’s blonde ghost lady was almost as creepy as the little girl ghost in A Muppet Christmas Carol, and she was totally distracting and not helpful at all. The whole episode was basically Walter tripping while everyone else was trying to get sh*t done. They were like, “Walter, let’s track this radio signal and find Donald,” and Walter was just kind of like, “…I’ve done terrible things…Oh look a fairy!” It wasn’t nearly as fun as when they were all on LSD together back in season 3. (Remember Broyles on acid? Probably one of the all-time best Fringe moments ever. By the way, where the eff is Broyles???) But it’s the final season and there are only a few episodes left (cue sobbing), so we can’t afford to waste time tripping on Walter’s homemade LSD. No time to spare! Let’s break down this hallucinogenic episode.

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‘FRINGE’ 5×08 Photo Recap: “The Human Kind”


Guess what, you guys…I finally remembered what joy feels like! The Fringe writers must have been feeling the holiday spirit, because this episode was the equivalent of 10,000 sacks of presents. After weeks of doom and heartbreak, we really needed this one. My Fringe-induced depression was starting to affect my daily life. My friends would be like, “Hey, do you want to go see Silver Linings Playbook this weekend?” and I’d be all, “WHAT’S THE POINT? PETER IS A SOULLESS MONSTER AND THE WORLD IS HORRIBLE.” (Side note: If you haven’t seen it yet, Silver Linings Playbook is amazing. FYI.) It’s worth mentioning that none of my friends (except Mary, obviously) watch Fringe, so they do not understand my ennui. Fortunately for everyone, this holiday season just got a whole lot better because the folks at Fringe decided not to drag out the whole Peter-is-an-Observer storyline until the end of the season (which I was totally expecting/dreading), but instead chose to resolve it with enough time left to spend the final five episodes with our beloved Fringe team back together, all in full possession of their own brains. Except for Walter of course, who is perpetually sharing his brain with various drugs, and sometimes leaving pieces of it in storage with Massive Dynamic. But enough about brains, let’s get going with this recap, because I have to go rewrite fifteen classic Christmas carols with new Fringe-related lyrics. I’m already working on a “Jingle Bells” remix about William Bell: “William Bell…William Bell…William Bell betrayed us. Joke’s on him, ‘cause he’ll soon find he’s got one hand M.I.A.—hey!” (Okay, I know it’s not great, but it’s a work in progress, alright?)

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‘FRINGE’ 5×07 Photo Recap: “Five-Twenty-Ten”

Compared the last three episodes, “Five-Twenty-Ten” was almost a relief for my poor, bruised heart. Ever since Etta died, it’s like we’ve been falling down a bottomless emotional cavern, hitting intermittent rocks and outcroppings along the way, just waiting for the descent to end…until this week’s episode when Peter started to go full-Observer on us, and suddenly *THWACK* we hit the metaphorical pavement of whatever hell we’ve all landed in. Downside: things are looking worse than ever. Upside: it can only get better from here! …Right? *Cue evil laughter from Joel Wyman* Judging by how much Walter kept emphasizing his dependence on Peter to hold on to the man he’s become, I think we’ll be seeing an uptick in the mental unraveling of Walter pretty soon. I’m guessing that little emotional grenade will be going off within the next two or three episodes. And you know, I just don’t think I can handle all three of the Bishop-Dunhams having identity crises at the same time. They’ve always leaned on each other to get through the horrible things life throws at them, but what happens when they’re all in such distress that they can’t even hold themselves up, let alone each other? I’ve done the math, you guys, and it does not look good. Walter can’t lean on Peter to keep it together if Peter is busy trying on fedoras and writing his Observer Academy admissions essay. And Olivia can’t look to Walter for support if he’s freaking out about regressing to his old self. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM YOU GUYS. Let’s get to it before things start to get even worse.

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‘FRINGE’ 5×06 Photo Recap: “Through the Looking Glass (And What Walter Found There)”

If my heart wasn’t still in tiny pieces sitting in a jar on my mantle, waiting to be reassembled by the healing power of a magical series finale, it would have been almost relieved by this episode, which was made up of about 60% plot set-up, 30% trippy pocket universe weirdness, and only 10% crippling sadness. I think maybe the writers realized that they have already sufficiently crushed our spirits, so there’s no point in pouring salt in the gaping wound of our souls…except for the occasional heart-rending scene between Walter and Peter, just to make sure our tear ducts get their weekly workout. Oh, and also the part where Peter and Olivia held each other while they watched a recording of their dead daughter… Okay, so maybe it was closer to 30% crippling sadness. CURSE MY EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO FICTIONAL CHARACTERS AND MY RESULTING INABILITY TO FUNCTION AS A NORMAL HUMAN BEING.

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‘FRINGE’ 5×05 Photo Recap: “An Origin Story”

Hey, do you guys remember that time Joel Wyman said that season 5 was going to be “the love letter fans deserve”? Well, I’m glad I’m not married to Joel Wyman, because his idea of a love letter is very similar to my idea of emotional torment. Hey, speaking of torture, PETER WTF STOP LETTING YOUR HUMANITY SEEP OUT OF YOU LIKE YOU’RE SWEATING IT OFF ON A TREADMILL. This is even worse than that time Peter started killing Shapeshifters for sport. This season is really making me miss the earlier days of Fringe. Remember when our biggest problems were daddy issues and vagendas? Those were the days… Now we’ve got the big bad Baldies poisoning the world, Peter is turning into an Observer, Olivia is drowning alone in her grief, Astrid is Abner, and for the love of God will someone un-amber the Hibachi grill so we can make some freaking salmon kabobs?! Alright, well, I guess I’ve put this off long enough, but let’s get to actual recap part of this recap…

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‘FRINGE’ 5×04 Photo Recap: “The Bullet That Saved the World”

Hello, fellow Fringe fans. Unfortunately, Louise is unable to share her thoughts about this week’s episode of Fringe, on account of her heart having been removed from her body and put in a blender with some strawberries and low-fat yogurt to make a delicious smoothie for Joel Wyman, since he apparently derives his life source from the broken hearts of Fringe fans. Oh well. At least she got to see Magic Mike before she died. And she always said she wanted to die from cardiac arrest caused by an episode of Fringe. I think she was hoping it would at least be during the series finale, but Fringe always hits you when you least expect it.

Luckily, I found several files with various pieces of her photo recap that she dispersed throughout the Interwebs. They appear to be out of order, and slightly damaged in parts, but I did my best to follow the instructions and compile them accordingly. I also found a recipe for Nutella cupcakes in one of the files, but I’m assuming that is unrelated to this recap, so I did not include it. Here is what I found:

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