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Orphan Black 1×06 Photo Recap: Variations Under Domestication

Orphan Black Cover


Let me start off by saying I’m sorry for the hiatus. Sorry I’ve been slacking on my Orphan Black recaps but I needed a break and then I got Season 2 and well, you know…when Season 2 falls into your lap, life itself stops to watch the show. I successfully finished so now it’s time to get back to my photo recaps. Where did I stop? Ah yes, Big Dick Paul finds out Sarah is not Beth. I’ve been chastising Paul all this time for not catching on that his girlfriend was another girl but he’s known the whole time! Hindsight is 20/20 and after watching Season 2, I know now that Paul is a double agent. He isn’t truly shocked when Sarah reveals herself. He is just acting it. Sorry Paul, I underestimated you. Another person that shouldn’t be underestimated is Alison Hendrix. Chick will not rest until she gets what she wants.

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Orphan Black 1×05 Photo Recap: “Conditions of Existence”

Orphan Black Cover

Episode 5 is titled “Conditions of Existence” but it should really be called “Mindblowing” because that is what you will experience when you watch this episode. Not only do we discover that Donnie is talking to a mystery person about Alison, but we also discover that Paul is a monitor. He has been allowing scientists to come in during the night and experiment on Beth. SAY WHAT?! I never trusted Paul which is why I wasn’t totally surprised by his reveal but I didn’t think it was a double blind situation. Paul doesn’t know why he is a monitor. He just follows orders.

In the midst of all the distrust and paranoia in the episode, we get this special gem:

I love, love, love Sarah’s relationship with Kira. Kira brings out a softness in her that no other person can. Their relationship gives Sarah depth as a character. While I love her rough edges, it’s great to see that Sarah is more than that. She is a mom who just wants to hug her little girl after school.

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Orphan Black 1×04 Photo Recap: “Effects of External Conditions”

Orphan Black Cover

Every great TV show has a turning point when it goes from good to excellent. The show finds its original voice and the storytelling is all engrossing. Some refer to this turning point as “Growing the Beard” and it typically happens around episodes 4-6. In Battlestar Galactica, it’s “You Can’t Go Home” and in Fringe, it’s “The Arrival.” These episodes really standout for me because each one marks the point in the series when the show dives into the overarching story/theme, having already introduced the characters in the first couple episodes. The moment Orphan Black ‘grows its beard’ is in 1×04. Helena is introduced as a clone brainwashed to kill the others, her ‘sisters.’ She is the season’s ‘big bad’ but the line between evil and good is not so clear cut. She wasn’t born evil. She was influenced by her environment, therefore, should she be killed because of that? Even if they did have a chance to terminate Helena, could they? Perhaps not, since Sarah let Helena escape out the window, but she is definitely not afraid to injure Helena. Episode 4 begins with Helena in the bathroom of a stranger’s house cleaning her wound after being impaled by Sarah. It seems like the opening of a Stephen King novel.

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Orphan Black 1×03 Photo Recap: “Variation Under Nature”

Orphan Black Cover

You came back! Yay!


In “Variation Under Nature,” Sarah finally learned why there are four women who look just like her. She is one of quadruplets! 28 years ago, Sarah Manning’s mom was Nadya Suleman of the 1980s. She offered herself to science and had quadruplets. Then, to protect the kids from ever being discovered by the Sith, she hid them. One girl was given to relatives in the desert, the second went to an influential senator, the third was given to an orphanage and the fourth was raised by scientists . Now, they have found each other and will work together to bring balance to the Force!

Actually, they are clones.

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Orphan Black 1×02 Photo Recap: “Instinct”

Orphan Black Cover

Not too long ago, I asked the internet if I should write Orphan Black photo recaps, because that’s what I always do when I have to make important life altering decisions. I ask the internet. And the response was yes. I can’t promise you these will be as funny as Louise’s Fringe recaps, but I will do my best. Here we go!

“Instinct” picked up exactly where the first episode left off. Sarah was looking at a dead body that looked just like her, and reacting VERY WELL. If I was in her boots and stylish leather jacket, I would’ve been freaking out and calling Tom Cruise to protect me from the pod people invading Earth. Sarah went a slightly different route and buried Katja Obinger, following the advice of a stranger calling the pink phone. The whole situation is like a frightening TomTom commercial. Drive 5 miles to escape the shooter. Turn right. Drive 10 miles until the paved road ends. Turn left into woods. Drive 100 feet. You have reached your destination to bury Katja.

Special thank you to for the screencaps.

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10 WTF Moments Watching “Orphan Black” for the First Time

I finally started watching Orphan Black.

A few of my friends are fans and are always singing its praises so I told myself I had to watch it this summer. I didn’t have much knowledge going in. I was expecting clones and superb acting from Tatiana Maslany but I was not expecting so many shocking moments in the first episode. I had so many questions by the end that I decided to list my ten “WTF” moments watching ‘Natural Selection.’ I have a feeling there will be more in future episodes. I’m excited! thumbs up

1. When Sarah encounters a girl who looks exactly like her

2. When the doppelgänger jumps in front of a train

3. When Sarah transforms into Beth and speaks in an American accent

4. When Sarah discovers multiple birth certificates

5. When Sarah learns Beth is a cop

6. When Sarah drinks the soap

7. When Art breaks into Beth’s car

8. When Katja Obinger appears

9. When Katja is shot

10. When Katja’s cellphone rings then Beth’s


The Wil Wheaton Project

When I saw the promo for The Wil Wheaton Project, I thought of the Fringe’s “The End of All Things.” Am I alone on this?

First Time Viewer Reactions: Fringe 3×22 “The Day We Died”

Fringe Season 3 Cover

Deep breaths everyone! It’s the season finale.

This episode is just hard. Sure, Olivia is alive at the end, but watching her get shot and then her family gather for the funeral was difficult. It was especially difficult for me because the funeral pyre reminded me of Return of the Jedi (a beautiful scene in cinema). And let’s not forget Peter breaking down at the thought of never having children with Olivia. And Ella no longer believing in fairytale endings. So much heart break. Of course, the episode can’t end there. It’s the season finale for goodness’ sake. If you are not curled up in the fetal position bawling then the writers didn’t do their job, so the episode ended with Peter being erased. You know that ship that we’ve been fighting for…oh yeah, it’s gone. NOT COOL.

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Remembering Fringe One Year Later


Fringe aired its final episode on January 18, 2013, one year ago today, and we asked fans to share their thoughts on what the show meant to them. Read their stories below and share your own in the comments section.

Fringe captured my heart, soul and my imagination like no other show has ever done.
It taught me to dream again, to aim high and keep going despite the setbacks, and above all, it showed me that there is beauty all around us in this world.
It made me want to get back out into the world and travel again. Of course I travelled to Vancouver because Fringe was filmed there and currently, I’m on my fifth visit. I’ve fallen in love with the place. It feels like home, like i belong there.
Besides all the fantastic experiences I’ve had because of Fringe, the best gift it gave me was friendship. I belong to a fandom that I love and I have met so many amazing people who love Fringe as much as I do. I’ve met some awesome Fringe fans that come from all parts of the world and I am thankful for their friendship. I was lucky enough to have had the friendship of Aimee Long, our fandom leader who was a force to be reckoned with. I miss her words of wisdom and her guidance. She was a special person and I miss her every day.
I miss Fringe very much and no other show will ever take its place. Not a day passes without me watching an episode or 2 of Fringe.
Peter Bishop said that Olivia gave him a home and that’s what Fringe did for me.

-Lyn (@runpaceyrun)

Fringe. Did it change my life? Often a show is just a bit of entertainment. Good while it’s on, sometimes very good (sometimes really lacking), but not something I think about too often. Not something that makes me appreciate my family more. Not something that feels real in the midst of all the impossible things. So, yes, it changed my life for the better and I still think about it every day. I have done far fewer rewatches than I wanted to, but that’s because Fringe showed me the power of fandoms. I had to fill the void and now I am heavily involved in the superb The Blacklist (loss of a child is the mysterious backstory and protecting children is a recurring theme), the incredible Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the wonderful and surprisingly funny Almost Human. Fringe made me ravenous for more great television and less tolerant of all the rest, and writing thoughts about these shows keeps me very busy. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

-Erin (@Reinbeast)

Reflecting on Fringe a year later has brought up so many wonderful memories for me. One of my favorites was the night the season 3 episode “Bloodline” aired. It was the episode in which Fauxlivia gave birth to Henry and while at the time I was not too fond of Faux, I was sooooo excited that THE BABY WAS PETER’S!!! That afternoon before the episode aired my mom and I went to one of our favorite bakeries and I asked the lady behind the counter if she could write “Welcome Baby Bishop” on a cake we had picked out. The Bishops were getting a new addition and SO WAS I….Hahaha!!!

Fringe just become one of those shows that I wanted to celebrate every little milestone that ever happened. It was ‘The Little Show That Could’ and everything about it was special. It never failed to connect with me in some deep and personal way by the end of each episode. Fringe had a beautiful and honest heart that other shows were missing and I don’t believe there will ever be anything like it again!


I miss Fringe and its cast EVERY DAY!….. Everything is different now, it will never be the same. I miss the campaigns and having my TL full of Fringies. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!….The Fringe Binge 2013 helped a lot though, and it was great rewatching with Fringies, again!…..I still tweet a lot about the show and the cast. Sometimes I’m afraid of losing followers but whatever, they’ll have to deal with my freaking feelings. I’ll never stop tweeting about it. Fringe has given me so much, especially friends, that are so different and have really different opinions (sometimes, it’s really frustrating), but even though the show is over, we’re still great friends and I know we’ll always be. Betty, Carmilla, Tessa, Lisa, I love you, girls. <3….And of course there are other Fringie friends like GG, the Tripi Crew, (won’t mention them all), who are special and important to me and it’s THANKS TO FRINGE!….Anyway, about shows, the most that I care about now is Sleepy Hollow. Never thought I’d like it so much, but I’m shipping Ichabbie like a boss, fangirling about it with Lisa, so I’m getting attached and many Fringies like it as well so it’s good. Plus we’re waiting for Open and The Affair to finally see Anna Torv and Josh Jackson on our TVs, again, *fingers crossed* for both shows, I hope they’re good.

I love that most of us (Fringies), are still talking about the show, caring about the cast and rewatching together!……I can’t believe it’s a year already without the little show that could. I’ll always love it and it will always be my favorite. Fringe is special.



There are times when I still can’t believe what Fringe has come to mean to me, and that it’s been a year without it in my life.

The months leading up to the finale were filled with Fringe since I had to catch up because they didn’t air S5 in my country until like two months after “Liberty/An Enemy Of Fate” aired. It turned out to be a blessing because those first weeks of January 2013 were really hard on me. In fact, 2013 as a year sucked in many ways. But, as sad or fangirly as it may sound – I don’t care, Fringe was one of the really few reasons I got through it. The day the finale aired I watched it in a livestream.  I actually felt so confused after it finished and 8 minutes later started crying. For those who don’t know me, getting me to cry over something like a show, a book, a song, or other media is really hard. Well, the bastards accomplished it. The adorable, heart-wrenching bastards…

Even though it was snubbed from so many awards and merits, it stood like a giant among so many contemporary series, and it still does. The story and the characters are all impossibly out of the box, and the joint work of everyone in front and behind the scenes made it a triumph for the labour of true love.

After Season 3, the future seemed foggy for the series, and getting it moved to the infamous “death slot” on Friday nights wasn’t really helping. Now, you may have heard stories of fandoms getting their show to be the most watched, or getting books, Trending Topics, whatever. But with Fringe, its fandom -the Fringies- was really the one thing that kept it alive. With thousands of letters, internet pleas, and a brilliant move where its offices received a ton of boxes filled with red licorice -Walter’s favorite thing, the future was swayed in our favour and the show kept going for 3 more years. Without hunky, sensual leads, overly-intricate storylines, huge guest-stars or the likes, it managed to survive and bring joy to millions around the world.

In this last year I’ve realized I’ve grown a lot as compared to the boy who started watching Fringe back in ’08, and now I can understand the series in so many new ways. I realize how brilliantly imperfect it is; how human, clever, funny, depressing, multilayered, and deep and simple it is at the same time. Now I can really get it when fellow fringies say Fringe is a story about love, a love that breaks universes, timelines, and nature itself to subsist. Not just between Walter and Peter, or Peter and Olivia, but everyone involved: My fantastic Astrid, my brave Philip, my unbelievable Nina, my passionate Etta, my brilliant Lincoln, my devoted Charlie, my soulful Donald/September, my tender Michael, my amazing Gene, my quirky Brandon… Just so many people, from this, the other and every single universe and timeline. Hell, pretty much every username from every social network I’m part of is Fringe inspired: cortexiphanjunkie, @EnemyOfFate, Brandon Bishop…

This is a story that I’ll never forget, not one line, and I will always keep spreading the values it taught me, its lessons, its quirkiness, and everything that made me sit here and write this tantrum. A story that proves it’s still possible to make good television and still have legions of devoted, loyal followers. And I would gladly do it all over again if I had to.

You may say I’m delusional or a dreamer for investing so much in these sorts of things. But I’m glad I’m a dreamer, a believer, and I’m quite proud of it. I’m glad Fringe exists in my mind, my memory and my hearts (I’ve got two, naturally) because it has always made me push harder for what I believe in, and to believe in many more things. To explore, strive to know more about who and what surrounds me, and never act out of hatred or cowardice. To believe that there’s more than one of everything and that no one is everyone but every one can mean everything. And most importantly, to keep looking up. Always.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go and have a bit of a cry because I’ve never had licorice in my entire life.

– Ewan Velázquez, Mexican Fringie. The one responsible for this geeky little picture from one year ago. Man, I’ve changed.


While I was watching the finale a year ago, I made this geeky little thing. It’s cool, so why shouldn’t I attach it here?


Fringe Week: Thursday’s Quiz Part 2


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