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Looking for guest bloggers attending Comic-Con


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Are you going to San Diego Comic-Con? Do you want to blog about your experience? Then, we want you!

Send us an email ( expressing your interest with a list of panels you plan to attend.

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Cliff McCormack is back!

One of my favorite characters from Veronica Mars is going to be in the movie and I’M SO EXCITED. AND I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT.

Cliff McCormack’s banter rivaled Veronica’s making him one of the funniest and entertaining characters in the series. Many times, his appearances were brief but they were memorable. I can’t wait to see the character back on the screen reprised by the one and only Daran Norris.

Share your favorite Cliff moments in the comments section

In other exciting Veronica Mars news today…George Lucas is part of the production team. WHAT THE WHAT?! It makes sense now. The Force has always been strong with this show, and nothing can defeat the Force.

Seriously though, how much does that guy on the left look like Mr. Lucas? I say a 7.

Photo by @danetheridge

Photo by @danetheridge


Happy Birthday Olivia Dunham!


Okay, so it’s really Anna Torv’s birthday but we decided to take this opportunity and throw Olivia a party. And, let’s face it…we just want to bring the Fringe fans together again because we miss each other.

We all know Olivia is a minimalist but today we are going to shower her with lots of gifts, both practical and impractical stuff. Perhaps you want to give her a pet rock or a pink rhinestone covered knit hat. It doesn’t matter. She can’t say no! Share your gift for the most badass Fringe agent in the comments section, and remember to be creative and ALWAYS have fun.

Possible gift ideas:

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Pop Culture Nexus: Outtakes

Fringe 2×07 “Of Human Action”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

This episode should come with a warning to Polivia fans – BEWARE: WATCHING THIS MAY RESULT IN HEART PALPITATIONS. Peter was kidnapped and I became an emotional wreck. Sure I reacted to Peter’s uncertain fate, but the actions from Walter, Olivia, Astrid, Broyles, AND Ms. Terminator were what really got to me. Guys, they are are a family unit.

Anna Torv gave another great performance balancing Olivia’s inner turmoil knowing Peter was in danger and her desire to stay levelheaded. The glances Polivia gave each other after the rescue were to die for. It was a goldmine for fanfiction writers. Sigh! I could stare at Peter and Olivia ogling each other for HOURS. Maybe Peter should be kidnapped more often. laughinglaughing JK JK But seriously, they need to be in a relationship…now. thumbs upthumbs up

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Star Wars Day: Mark Hamill Guest Stars on The Muppet Show

Now is your chance to watch The Muppet Show episode with the Star Wars cast.

Star Wars Day: “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al Yankovic

Even though Episode I was something of an abomination, it was still a big part of my childhood, because to a ten-year-old, it still seemed pretty cool at the time. These days, I might not be able to sit through Phantom Menace without cringing, but I still have nothing but love for Weird Al’s parody of Don McLean’s “American Pie,” which tells the story of Episode I, including a chorus of, “My, my, this here Anakin guy, may be Vader someday later, now he’s just a small fry…” After all these years, I still know all the words.


Star Wars Day: Imperial March of the Penguins

Thank you Edinburgh Zoo for having your penguins waddle to the “Imperial March” theme. Penguins are clearly soldiers of the Galactic Empire and not to be messed with.

-Mary & Louise

Star Wars Day: The Trilogy Told By Someone Who Has Never Seen It

What happens when you ask a friend who has never seen Star Wars to explain the trilogy? This video is born.

Watch this hysterical video of Joe Nicolosi’s friend, Amanda, describing Ewoks as “brown muppets” and calling Chewbacca a “deformed Ewok” (poor Chewie).

Makes me laugh every time.


Star Wars Day: Star Wars Mashups

Check out these amazing mashups Star Wars fans have created with pop culture treasures.

Part 1:

Part 2:

-Mary & Louise

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