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TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife “Get a Room”

Once again, The Good Wife aired late on Sunday due to football. While many tweeted their frustration, others managed to watch the entire episode and tweet their reactions.

  • @Nicole80017 What a waste of a hotel. #Goodwife
  • @fictionalJEN #goodwife … Need more Will and Alicia … 🙂 … Great ep tonight though. Love it when Owen’s around.
  • @heroine_tv I love how Eli and Kalinda only met last week, but already Eli is like “I NEED KALINDA!” when he has a problem. He learns fast. #GoodWife
  • @reallysharrie Its about to get ugly on the #goodwife
  • @washingtonce I love Eli! Where do you live, fairyland? #GoodWife
  • @Tradledee85 That Diane/Eli scene was just priceless. #TheGoodWife #GoodWife
  • @Keisha_RD Cary and Kalinda over? Nooo! Why you gotta be so mean Cary? #thegoodwife
  • @SAmiLiebman #thegoodwife has too many storylines going on at once. Still love the show, though!
  • @lucysfootball Love Alicia & Owen’s relationship on #TheGoodWife. Well-written & realistic
  • @jmallo ALICIA, DON’T LIE!!!!!! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE WILL!!!!! #TheGoodWife #AliciaAndWillForever

TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife season premiere

Read what folks on Twitter have to say about The Good Wife‘s Season 3 premiere.

  • @darcydawson Season opener of #TheGoodWifedid not disappoint. Missed you Alicia Florrick.
  • @bobertAH09 Just watching tonight’s #TheGoodWife. So so so good!!!! I can’t get over it. I ❤ this show!
  • @insidethetube Oh my god, “The Good Wife” is so amazing!!! #TheGoodWife
  • @thirdrootprod thats a threesome waitin to happen right there. carey, sophia & kalinda #TheGoodWife
  • @ekinsky #TheGoodWifeis definitely no longer good. Goodbye!
  • @daleis4uk Welcome back “the Good Wife”. Now that Friday Night Lights is done, you are the best show on tv. #thegoodwife
  • @alyssaspiering “The Good Wife is on! Don’t talk to me, Kiri!” – my mom, to the dog. #thegoodwife
  • @Many_Mouse Forgot #TheGoodWifegives me anxiety.
  • @RB_Phan Opening #TheGoodWifeto ‘Bad Bad Thing’ was a genius musical choice.. This season is looking great already
  • @Cnunes1435 Not sure if I’m liking this season yet:-). #thegoodwife
  • @LoriHCG The writers for #TheGoodWife are BEYOND amazing!!!

The Good Wife Season 2 Finale Recap

We can finally stop watching reruns of The Good Wife and enjoy the first episode of Season 3. And it’s going to be explosive!
So, what was Alicia up to when we last saw her? She found out her best friend slept with her husband, she kicked Peter out of the apartment, she broke down in front of her kids, and she finally had “good timing” with Will. Who knew the opening and closing of elevator doors could be so titillating? Check out the sultry elevator ride that had Will and Alicia fans squealing like tweens at a Jonas Brothers concert.

Make sure to watch The Good Wife Season 3 premiere tomorrow on CBS at 9/8c.

“Girls, everyone is a winner.”

A comedic and inspiring moment at the Emmys. Way to go ladies!

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