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TV Twitter Reactions:Bones 9×24 “The Recluse in the Recliner”

Can’t stop talking about the Bones season finale? You are not alone. Read what other fans had to say about the season 9 finale.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!


TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/Fox © 2014 Fox Television. All rights reserved

Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/Fox © 2014 Fox Television. All rights reserved

After nine seasons, How I Met Your Mother finally came to end and fans had very strong feelings. Comments either expressed disappointment or adoration. Very few middle-of-the-road.

  • @k_williams95 Well done its been a good 9 seasons
  • @bigdamntvgeek So they really actually did that, huh? I just…I can’t.
  • @nah That’s the worst ending ever
  • @sdotferro Wow I didn’t think a series finale could make me hate a show that I loved. Well it just happened. way to blow that.
  • @bethanyshondark If I had to imagine a worse ending to a good show I never ever would have thought it could crash and burn like that.
  • @jennifer0519 So just going to pretend that this last season of never existed because REALLY?!
  • @CJMurray247 Brilliant finale, saw a lot of that panning out as it did though so not too shocked.
  • @TheMattPolasku Not the best last season but a perfect last episode to one of my favorite shows.
  • @TTomlin51 Standing ovation for
  • @AccordingToFran Really pleased with the ending. So sad and beautiful. Long live How I Met Your Mother. 🙂 ❤
  • @secondhusk Congrats, . You just seized the Most Disappointing Series Finale Ever crown right out of Battlestar Galactica’s beautiful robot hands.
  • @burlij Not all that surprised by finale, but certainly disappointed. Did it really have to end like that?
  • @JamiesRabbits That finale hurt my feelings. Nine years of feelings.
  • @NicoleLeeTV SO spent YEARS on Barney and Robin’s relationship, the whole final season on their wedding, for a divorce?
  • @calientevampire At the end of the day,HIMYM was an amazing show I will never forget.The characters were wonderful and the stories were LENGENDARY
  • @TheToniSanchez So glad I have scotch to dull my feels and frustration.
  • @Karly_McD I’m a sobby sloppy mess after the LEGEN … wait for it … DARY of How I Met Your Mother . Best finale EVER!!!
  • @bryantmsmith Was a cowriter for because like his movies, the twist ending made everything I enjoyed about it terrible

TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother 9×01 & 9×02

Image source:

Image source:

The final season of How I Met Your Mother has begun! We finally know who the mother is and fans are not shy about sharing their reactions.


  • @CaptainJack4 At first I had doubts, but I’m loving Cristin Milioti as the Mother. #HIMYM
  • @chrstyschitz Ted and the Mother have chemistry. It makes me happy, and it’s making me cry a little bit. Stupid emotions! #HIMYM
  • @ashnesta My review on #himym: I didn’t cry so it wasn’t good enough
  • @AlexTerruso Ah, #HIMYM – good to have you back. Even though you make me reassess my life with every good episode. Ted Mosby, you bastard.
  • @psshutup smart to have lily meet the mother before ted b/c she’d be the hard ass when it comes to ted’s wife so that’s already resolved #himym
  • @lawrencedng #HIMYM the tears…. they are real…
  • @digi_smile I can tell this last season of #HIMYM is going to give me all kinds of feels.
  • @number1rold King Joffrey reference during the #HIMYM season opener. Slowly winning my heart back.
  • @mgirman One of the worst #HIMYM episodes. Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s ending.
  • @DoctorJPH She’s had about five lines of dialogue, and I’m already in love with the mother. #livingvicariously #HIMYM
  • @HelloDawley12 As much as I hate Ted it was great to see that very first scene with #TheMother. #happiness #HIMYM #greatepisode
  • @Rhowdy17 She’s not good enough for you, Ted! #overprotectivetvwatcher #himym
  • @AmberFry #HIMYM , nervous how I’ll feel about the new character…
  • @MrsPoshClarke Cried at #HIMYM and felt compelled to drink wine!

Happy Fifth Anniversary Fringe

Fringe and Pop Culture Nexus share the same anniversary date!

Five years ago today, Fringe premiered its first episode. Some left after the pilot but others stayed and encouraged people on social media to give the show a chance. The most impressive feat was on Twitter where the fans worked together to get a hashtag trending one hour before the show aired. In honor of the show’s anniversary, tell us the hashtag you would choose for season 6 episode 1. Who knows…maybe in a parallel universe, fans are eagerly awaiting the season 6 premiere.

Here’s a look back at the Season 5 hashtags:

5×01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” – #TheyAreHere

5×02 “In Absentia” – #AnotherWay

5×03 “The Recordist” – #ForTheRecord

5×04 “The Bullet That Saved the World” – #TurningPoint

5×05 “An Origin Story” – #ShowNoMercy

5×06 “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” – #NothingIsImpossible

5×07 “Five-Twenty-Ten” – #IPredict

5×08 “The Human Kind” – #HumanKind

5×09 “Black Blotter” – #FreeYourMind

5×10 “Anomaly XB-6783746” – #FarFromNormal

5×11 “The Boy Must Live” – #NeverLetGo

5×12 “Liberty” – #KeepLookingUp

5×13 “An Enemy of Fate” – #WeCrossedtheLine

TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×11 “The Boy Must Live”


Read the reactions from fans to the show’s penultimate episode. Special thank you to Angela (@angelamorales18) for collecting the tweets.

  • @aimeeinchains ‪@cerveris Take a bow, sir. Best episode of Fringe this season and one of my personal faves. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @YaGottaBKiddnMe So, there are seriously no more females in the observers time. None at all. I’m sorry but, that makes me laugh. ‪#neverletgo ‪#fringe
  • @good_ol_chris I’ll ‪#NeverLetGo of Fringe. I’m going to cry like a baby ‪#bestshow
  • @_xoxoLex one of the greatest episodes ever. flawless! ‪#Fringe ‪#neverletgo
  • @Sondos_Sanades this Fringe episode have so many emotions and feelings in the air, that even the Observers notice them! xD ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Izz023 ‪@cerveris it was so refreshing to see September/Donald as a human with so much compassion and emotion. Well done, sir! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @RaggedyObserver are September and his son, Michael, on a secret mission? did they communicate telepathically? ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#FRINGE
  • @elshannahb I need to rewatch that episode..couldnt see the screen thru my tears..beautiful hour of TV. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @IviFringie Si Peter y Olivia no terminan juntos no lo miro más (jajaja) ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @PapayaGoo ‪@cerveris did a wonderful job transforming our Observer into Donald on tonight’s episode of FRINGE. He ‪#NeverLetGo of September.
  • @Bongela_Ice LMAO at Olivia’s reaction to trunk-less Walter! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @coreywcraig Way too excited for ‪#fringe series finale next week. Today’s episode was really good set up. Can’t freaking wait!
  • @fly2mebutterfly: I vow to ‪#NeverLetGo of my Fringe DVD’s and watch them EVERY Friday.Don’t want to live without Fringe Friday’s! Yes-Crazed
  • @GodsGirl1989: This episode blew my mind on a whole new level!!!!!!! ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @AUDone44: This episode of ‪#FRINGE is literally jaw dropping. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Lindseypatten1: Fringe looks AMAZING! *passes out from feels* ‪#fringe ‪#NeverLetGo‪#fringeonfox
  • @ImpossThings6: ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo But really, am I the only one concerned that w/o observers we never get Polivia, or is this their love saves all again?
  • @ojgoldstein: I’m going to miss this show and these characters. At least we’ll have the DVDs so we can ‪#NeverLetGo.
  • @ILGCY: This show is so amazing and beautiful, and it saddens me that so many people fail to realize this! ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Aaron_Carpenter: I am glad the White Tulip has returned. I was worried we would never see it again. ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @AnnaTorvNet: So much going on my head right now, I think it’s going to explode! Too much in just one episode! ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#Fringe
  • @StefanieParrish: Phew! For a minute I thought he said “sacrifice my son”… glad I was wrong bc how many times can they kill ‪@VancityJax? ‪#neverletgo‪#fringe
  • @TweetOnSistah: Does the palm touching between September and Michael remind anyone of The Color Purple? “You and me will never part…”‪#NeverLetGo
  • @NataliaQuique: Connections. That is such a ‪@JWFRINGE word. Oh, man… you took science fiction and you gave it a heart. I love you. ‪#NeverLetGoFringe
  • @travelgrl32: But it was Walter started all this, so he has to make the ultimate sacrifice!!! 😦 ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @fringeuniverse: Hmmm…Peter wasn’t the boy that was important. Not sure how I fee about that 😦 ‪#neverletgo
  • @lexifer41: I have always adored September! I knew he was alive! My favorite observer is human now. Awesome show! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @victorianminds: Olivia Dunham IS kicking ass. For the1st time, she’s listening to her emotions.It’s a different kind of bravery but also bad ass‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Irishgirlnc: Hmm, the red & green lights! I thought it was going to work like they did in ep 1.08, putting the person into a trance. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @OliveIsMine: Ooops wrong Observer. He’s still ALMOST dancing. Move those legs my Observer friend! ‪#NeverLetGo FRINGE
  • @victorianminds: I really like the idea of Walter & Donald hanging out & being friends.‪#NeverLetGo Fringe
  • @wistful_: Windmark is learning anger and hate. Not the emotions you necessarily want to get back. ‪#neverletgo
  •  @Ocean5ouL: I can’t help but Olivia Dunham just feels like a sidekick to me. From hero to zero. ;( ‪#NeverLetGo FRINGE
  • @runpaceyrun: The Bishop Boys just make me weep every time. I love them so much. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @brownbettyhigh: Real emotions from Josh & John in that scene. U can just c it. So good together. ‪@VancityJax ‪@johnnob58004412 ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @smilemoreplz: aweee. Walter and Peter together always makes me smile. They’ve come so far ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @cynmack: ‪#NeverLetGo of those fantastic Peter/Walter scenes ‪#fringe
  • @Branion: ‪#Fringe ends where it begins-In the tank. I like Olivia in the tank better than Walter. FRINGE FRIDAY ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#LastSeason‪@FRINGEonFOX

Screencaps provided by

TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×09 “Black Blotter”

Dunham Hot Cocoa Walter took some Black Blotter, Astrid wielded her gun, Peter defended his family, and Olivia showcased her motherly instincts. Read the reactions from fans collected by @pixelsmith24 :

  • Favorite Tweet of the Night Award: @BrandomSalmon Why are Olivia and Peter sleeping in separate beds? Is sex forbidden in 2036? #Fringe #FreeYourMind
  • @XenaDeLaRosa Who is Donald? I think the fairy is Donald… #FreeYourMind
  • @Torvite Nice to have some tender moments with Peter and Olivia!#FreeYourMind
  • @jancuret This episode is truly extraordinary!!! I did NOT expect that Monty Python sequence!!! #FreeYourMind
  • @recon0828 Its episodes like this that make me love Fringe #freeyourmind
  • @Marieme27 Separated beds + short kiss=What the freaking heck? We want more POlivia. ❤ #FreeYourMind
  • @GabrielleRimok FRINGE WAS SOOOOO GOOD! I defs let it free my mind.. OMG SO GOOD. #FreeYourMind #Fringe
  • @mrmrwani Have to say, Blair Brown undergoes the most transformation on the show, it makes Nina all the more interesting ❤ #FreeYourMind
  • @Kerry_Patricia That last lab scene. GORGEOUS. STUNNING. #Fringe#FreeYourMind
  • @Liorda: Love to all Fringies. Tonight’s ep was awesome. Our love letter. Thanks to everyone. Out of sadness comes love. #FreeYourMind
  • @fringe4ever: #fringe cartoon gene woooooooow #FreeYourMind
  • @tangomega: Thank you #Fringe for taking us away from the madness of reality for awhile. #FreeYourMind
  • @Olotie: Mopping up bits of my brain off the floor… again (damn you… 🙂 #FreeYourMind
  • @HoosierAnthony: Amazing episode, simply amazing. #FreeYourMind I am speechless.
  • @GodsGirl1989: Olivia talking about cocoa….Walter’s montage…..the preview for next week…..JUST HELP!!! #FreeYouMind
  • @fly2mebutterfly: The idiots who have not given John Noble an Emmy already have NO MINDS!! Epic Acting as always!! #FreeYourMind
  • @TheRealJewBilly: Just another episode tripping on LSD with Dr. Bishop thanks for that@FRINGEonFOX I needed to #FreeYourMind
  • ‏@ajrojaras: Oh man do I love Fringe!! #FreeYourMind Wish fulfilled; We saw the child observer again!
  • @ginabad: #Fringe thanks for that terrific episode, just the comfort I needed tonight #freeyourmind
  • @BuryMeInEngland: #FreeYourMind. Best fringe episode ever? With the inclusion of Monty Python cartoons, yes possibly the best ever.
  • ‏@vakkymon: #FreeYourMind #Fringe has still got it! Bringing some wonder and brilliance to a very frustrating day.
  • @alina_1212: #fringe + Monty python = amazeballs! #freeyourmind
  • @Bigdaddymri: #FreeYourMind for a little while with Fringe. This episode was pure entertainment, John Noble was brilliant. Good to see Monty Python, also.
  • @AngryOvs: Walter tripping again. Just another normal #fringe #freeyourmind
  • @kierack: “we call him michael….cerveris.” …that wasn’t the quote? oh, my mistake. #FreeYourMind

Share your reactions to the episode in the comments section.

TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×08 “The Human Kind”


Lots happened on Friday – Etta saved her mom and Peter chose to keep his humanity. Read the fan tweets collected by Angela (@angelamorales18):

  • @lauraracero Tonight’s ending –probably the most beautiful scene of all Fringe story #HumanKind Now, going to bed with my feelings. Nite, Fringies.
  • @coloradofather Another perfectly paced episode with a lot to think about. I can’t get over how well this season is mixed, #HumanKind
  • @lostweatherguy: Looks like “The ‪#HumanKind” episode is causing a split reaction amongst the Fringe fandom.
  •  @amandasally: Still emotionally a wreck. ‪@FRINGEonFOX brings out my feels so much…especially when it’s Olivia bearing her heart & soul ‪#PLEAD‪#HumanKind
  • ‪@_JackieM_: What a lovely montage of Polivia scenes to rip my heart out ‪#humankind ‪#fringe ‪#polivia
  • @camyshe: Loved how Olivia shot those 2 bastards. Told ya never to mess with Agent Dunham. =P The bullet tat saves the world again!‪#HumanKind
  • @MystifyingM: This episode of ‪#Fringe should be called The Bullet that Saved the Polivia fandom. ‪#HumanKind
  • @fringeinoz: Their love is stronger than anything else. It will ALWAYS prevail!!‪#fringe ‪#HumanKind
  • @darneb That Polivia moment! Oh god olivia, I need a hug too #humankind
  • @seladangtua Still absorbing the feelings of #HumanKind
  • @YankeeJosh Glad that we are past Peter as an Observer. #fringe #HumanKind
  • @pixelsmith24 It was nice to see Olivia sort of return to her BAMF roots, but we all know she can be so much more BAMFer!!! #HumanKind
  • @spacefloat The #HumanKind definitely won over on Fringe tonite!! So so happy we gave Peter back! Who could not feel the love of Olivia! :))
  • @BoondyAlBoondy Bit of a sappy episode of #Fringe tonight … And why would an Observer need to use the elevator, anyway? #HumanKind
  • @jem219 Simone was one of my favorite FRINGE characters ever#HumanKind
  • @Marieme27 Ok…ok It was a beautiful ending. <333 But come on, we wanted a kiss!!!!…..OMG I LOVE FRINGE SO MUCH. Perfection. #HumanKind
  • @Wetterfrosch_xD OMG this polivia flashback :’) my heart stopped!! #HumanKind
  • @Bouy_Lou expect a kiss, but no, a brain surgery instead! #humankind
  • @tigerphace Pretty good #fringe ep today, disappointed that Peter removed the observer device and also that Windmark isn’t dead -__-
  • @mikerastiello I’m not really loving #Fringe this season. It’s good, but it’s not what it used to be. That makes me sad.
  • @terajules: It’s okay, FRINGE. I didn’t need my heart anyway. ‪#HumanKind
  • @jennysongs: The bullet that saved the world…again! FRINGE ‪#HumanKind
  • @birdandbear: OMGGGG how much did Twitter explode when the camera panned to shirtless Peter? XD ‪#HumanKind
  • @ajrojaras: There Olivia goes being badass again! I love the smart ‪#HumanKind
  • @aimeeinchains: ‪@JWFringe… Figured he’d read Olivia, but still her words & everything were so powerful. The episode’s writer is 1 of my faves.‪#HumanKind
  • @kierack: and a resounding sigh of relief from the entire Fringe fandom via twitter. altogether now…SIGH. ‪#HumanKind
  • @Al_Varez_: ‪#humankind just when ‪#fringe was getting good they took the leap back to boring
  • @JoePasquarelli: Wow! Olivia just went all A-Team! Hannibal could not have come up with a better plan. ‪#HumanKind ‪#fringe
  • @no_ones_minion: Olivia, I still love you even when you are bitter and pissing all over hopeful people’s dreams ‪#HumanKind
  • @JohnsonTravis21: Not surprised Jill Scott talked about faith. Man, she’s deep.‪#HumanKind ‪#fringe
  • @Courtney8681: I’m confused by Jill Scott’s character. Is she supposed to be endearing or creepy? Maybe a little of both? ‪#Fringe ‪#HumanKind
  • @Ocean5ouL: Olivia Dunham has a (soul) magnet fetish since 2009. ‪#HumanKindFRINGE
  • @theMDK2: Jill Scott Woo Hoo she’s great! ‪#HumanKind
  • @erockx: Alright Peter, you’ve had your fun playing with observer tech. Now it’s time to take it out. ‪#HumanKind

TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×09 “Lobster Crawl”

Photo: Carin Baer/Fox © 2012 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved

Photo: Carin Baer/Fox © 2012 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved

Monday’s new episode of How I Met Your Mother received mixed reviews from fans. Some thought it was hilarious while others are ready to meet Ted’s wife.

  • @Nessun_Fiore ust saw #HIMYM GOD this chapter was Legen wait for it!! Dary!!!#Barney and hes #BroBibs Nailed it!!!
  • @hawki I am in love with baby Marvin #himym
  • @DWall52 Why is #himym so wack now?!
  • @tash_jade Cobie Smulders dressed as Lara Croft. Holy ASDFGHJL. #HIMYM
  • @AutNoel As much as I love #HIMYM I feel like it is dragging and needs to end.
  • @melissaeckholdt #HIMYM punched a hole right in my feels tonight. I need to stop emotionally investing myself in fictional characters. Its slowly killing me.
  • @robfallon25 And #himym continues to be the best most frustrating show of all time
  • @metschick Ted, get a family. DUDE. #HIMYM
  • @DaniHuxford This back and forth between Barney and Robin is just getting plain annoying. Make up your minds! It’s not that difficult! #HIMYM
  • @spooky5 Ugh! Can Ted meet the dang mother already? #himym is more annoying than funny now. :/
  • @Actually_Riles Barney and… Patrice?! What the hell is going on? #HIMYM
  • @ShayLMitchell Why is Robin acting like she’s 16? Lol. #HIMYM
  • @phrosas90 “If you ever wanna see this boobs again crawl you son of a me” LOL they are on fire today #HIMYM is extra hilarious

TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×07 “Five-Twenty-Ten”

Much was revealed on Friday’s episode. Fans learned why Walter took Bell’s ambered hand, Nina found out Bell truly loved her, and Peter told Olivia he would have to start buying Rogaine in bulk. That could get expensive. So, let’s hope Olivia’s love is enough to save Peter.

*Thank you to @angelamorales18 for collecting the tweets.

  • @LaNe_Pixie I kept screaming: “the hair!!!!!!!!” But, seriously, what a flawless performance!!!! Just WOW ‪#FringeIsAmazing 😀
  • @oconnellaboo One of the most incredible Fringe endings ever. Quietly shocking.‪#IPredict this will be a long three weeks.
  • @ShelLynn81 HE’S BECOMING!!! and I’m scared.
  • @aimeeinchains  I was waiting to hear that song. Wow, what a deliciously layered ending! Just… awed by everyone.
  • @NataliaQuique OMG we’re melting people again! PILOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!‪#iPredict baldies are screwed!
  • @runpaceyrun Well that was an AWESOME ep.‪#IPredict the next one will blow our minds!!!!
  • @subject_15 ‪@VancityJax This episode destroyed us, and that’s mostly because you sir were amazing. Congrats.
  • ‪@DavidLambl I ‪#ipredict I’m going to miss Fringe so, so much after its conclusion
  • @Marieme27 So, we have to see Olivia Dunham kicking some asses to say that she’s the lead or that she’s great? I Think she’s more than that.‪#IPredict
  • @darneb Peter…you’re kinda scary.. ‪#iPredict
  • @roverradar West Coast Fringies, BE READY for INTENSE, GUT WRENCHING ride, THROUGHOUT FRINGE 5.07. ‪#IPredict EDGE OF YOUR SEATS viewing, & muttering.
  • @camyshe OLIVIA THE KICKASS FBI AGENT IS SO BACK!!!!!! But we’ll hv to wait 3 weeks for that. SO NOT COOL~ ‪#IPredict
  • @electricsheeep Olivia should have kicked his ass for being a dummy. Now that would have been fun to see ‪#iPredict
  • @travelgrl32 I can’t wait to get BAMF Olivia back! 😀 ‪#IPredict
  • @mrmrwani Can’t even begin to think about what Olivia must be going through, it’s just too heartbreaking! ‪#IPredict
  • @YankeeJosh Love the bond between Peter and Walter and hope it can sustain them both. ‪#iPredict ‪#fringe
  • @AnnaTorvNet Whenever a ‪#Fringe episode ends, I don’t know what to do with myself. ‪#iPredict
  • @whenitallbegins Still conflicted with my feelings on Peter turning into an observer. On the one hand, YES PLEASE. But on the other, POOR OLIVE!‪#IPredict
  • @electricsheeep My jaw was on the floor the entire episode! ‪#IPredict
  • @star_gazer02 It’s going to be fine. Peter is going to be okay. Right??? ‪#iPredict
  • @fringebutterfly ‪#iPredict that I am going to need a back rub after getting so tense watching Fringe tonight.
  • @lisa92gene THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. Where is our love letter?! ‪#IPredict
  • @Nicholas_DW ‪#IPredict I’m going to be mulling over this episode’s events for… the next 3 weeks. FRINGE is absolutely mind boggling sometimes.
  • @xerophytes Olivia walks out, “Damn you Wyman, give me back my Cortexiphan superpowers!” ‪#IPredict
  • @victorianminds I think Olivia just went from highly suspicious to deeply pissed.‪#ipredict Fringe
  • @johncastellanos ‪#iPredict “You must remove these pieces of my brain.” – Walter. Only Walter would make a plea such as this.
  • @Cyn16734 That icy stare…now Olivia’s mad. ‪#IPredict ‪#Fringe
  • ‪@MindyBe Walter better take that photo to Nina after being so damn mean to her. ‪#Fringe ‪#iPredict
  • @Just_Beth543 Awww Bell kept a picture of nina in the safe 😥 ‪#iPredict
  • @agentdunhams Didn’t walter tell them the combo in jacksonville, olivia never forgets numbers except this time apparently. ‪#IPredict
  • @TVObsessee Hold on! Did Walter just say something NEGATIVE about LSD?!‪#Fringe ‪#IPredict
  • @birdandbear Peter, you used to be a good liar. What happened? ‪#IPredict a very unhappy Olivia is gonna call your ass on it. Soon.
  • @bexmader ‪#ipredict tonight is going to be intense…
  • @Fringenuity ‪#IPredict that Peter will be really interesting tonight. Hope he can maintain a balance & not lose his humanity.
  • @C_o_a_S_Mom I do not like this new Peter Bishop ‪#fringe
  • @AUDone44 I like how Peter’s speech and mannerisms are taking on Observer qualities. Good attention to detail. ‪#FRINGE
  • @Jamie_Rose89 Holy frak Peter! This is getting insane! I’m so scared for Peter 😦 Is the next episode hash tag gonna be ‪#SavePeter? ‪#Fringe ‪#iPredict
  • @starbuck7121 When Peter started reading Olivia’s thoughts I got chills all over my body. And not in a good way. This is not ok. ‪#Fringe ‪#iPredict
  • @FindingEmilyE I’m so scared for Peter! I have a terrible feeling that his life is a sacrifice of sorts for the world’s freedom. ‪#fringe
  • @CrownNGinger ‪#iPredict that ‪#Fringe will continue its downward spiral twords being a Matrix rip off ‪#CopOut
  • @pr10n My show is twisting towards pure sad. C’mon guys! ‪#Fringe
  • @LukeClampitt I think ‪#Fringe achieved the perfect synergy between song and on screen content with the Man Who Sold The World montage tonight.
  • @anttemm heart throbbing anxious the whole ep ,abt Peter,Olivia madd, Walter’s worries

TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×06 “Splitsville”

Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Read what fans had to say about Barney’s declaration:

  • @ryanoneil How I Met Your Mother used to be funny, right? #HIMYM
  • @MrPetuhtATA I wish Dallas would have a #Splitsville like #HIMYM #seriously
  • @Rubenjonesjr Great episode #himym
  • @Plevy24PSU @MichaelTrucco is awesome on #HIMYM!
  • @LovinOnBuffalo Barney Stinson made my night!! So happy for real plot movement on#HIMYM!
  • @HannahluvsTV A horny Lily is a funny Lily #HIMYM
  • @Cleverfidel #HIMYM is getting all sad and such. Bring back the good times
  • @justexmachina That was a pretty great episode of #HIMYM#BarneyRobinFeels
  • @theTVaddict All this talk surrounding the “autumn of break ups” has me wishing I could quit#HIMYM
  • @blythieb1214 Barney made me feel like a mushy gushy girl on tonight’s #HIMYM.#whatisthis
  • @thelaurengeeee Fantastic #HIMYM episode tonight, finally getting the ball rolling.@ActuallyNPH made me swoon
  • @iris_simpkins46 My feels…omg the Barney’s speech omg i can’t’s just perfection. #HIMYM
  • @kondracula barneys speech tonight….love. #HIMYM
  • @BlakeMoyers #HIMYM tonight was awesome….everyone deserves to have speech like Barney said to them..
  • @TarynAnton That was the best #HIMYM in a long time. #BarneyAndRobinForever
  • @juliemoller1 #HIMYM continues to toy with my emotions.. that Barney and Robin scene was almost perfect
  • @JIllFortriede CRAZY episode of #HIMYM. I LOVE it.
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