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Twitter Reactions to Continuum 2×01 “Second Chances”


Continuum‘s season 2 premiered Friday night on the Syfy channel and delivered a lackluster season opener. I jumped into the Continuum universe a bit late, watching all of season 1 on Netflix two weeks ago, but I quickly became a fan. I was quite eager for its return tonight, however, the episode was a disappointment. It actually didn’t feel like the same show. Surely, each character is facing new, dire prospects of the future – Alec’s message from his older self and Keira’s realization that she is not returning home any time soon – which explains the slower pace but there was an unnecessary extra dose of brooding. The characters reunite to investigate the mayor’s murder but by the end of the episode, it is still not clear if some semblance of the old relationships would be restored. Alec is hesitant to work with Keira and Keira wants to be a free agent instead of Carlos’ partner. Each season should be different but such a drastic shake-up worries me. Nevertheless, I have faith the show will dive deeper into the mythology and deliver strong episodes.

Here are other reactions from fans on Twitter:

  • @JuliaMetzler And there’s @TahmohPenikett on the wrong side of the law. Loving the future Mr. Mayor! #Continuum
  • @cheesybones What they don’t have Batman in 2077 lol #continuum
  • @MerinoMedia Alec has a real job. Why do I feel like this is going to totally ruin his awesomeness with Kiera? #continuum
  • @lorenbhollander #Continuum this Episode is so good .Love it. A+++++
  • @BrianInHD Great start to season 2! Looks like we’re in for an intense season. #Continuum
  • @pt447 #Continuum is spectacular. What a great season premier! Even if its basically Fringe, at least they copied a great show!
  • @Janeen_FluffyJ I have been completely pulled into the rabbit hole in this show. Don’t know what’s coming, but can’t wait to find out! #Continuum
  • @theClurichaun Great start to S2 of #Continuum! This is going to be a great season!
  • @Glen_Christo Can’t wait for the rest of @ContinuumSeries Season 2 after that ep!! #Continuum
  • @LaurenHollyArmy That was just an awesome season opener! #Continuum
  • @islandsnoopy Fantastic start to @ContinuumSeries Season 2! Bring on episode 2. #Continuum
  • @Kyle_Roark Oh how I missed you #Continuum
  • @Miss_Sheepie Really enjoyed this first episode of #Continuum. I can’t wait to watch this season!


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