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Nikita Photo Recap: “2.0”

Thank you all who came back for another Nikita Photo Recap. This week I dissect episode 2, “2.0.” Mirko Dadich, the war criminal, has hired Division to protect him after he is released from prison. Instead of being paid with money for the services he provides, Percy wants the GPS coordinates of a nuclear weapon Dadich hid before he was detained. Alex is called to aid in the mission and informs Nikita of Percy’s villainous plan.  In addition to the ‘mission of the week’ narrative, viewers also get a glimpse into Nikita and Alex’s backstory.

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TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×07 “Clawback”

Read what folks are saying about Friday’s episode of Nikita.

  • @SabbyNoCanDo and um @MaggieQ performed an Angelina Jolie calibre movie stunt on our little tv show. #nikita #mrandmrssmithe #angelinajolie
  • @LauinLA I think tonight’s #Nikita might be my favorite yet. Outstanding work.
  • @TheTVBitch I got 1000 bucks that Mr. Goodytwoshoes is the next to join #TeamBadass #Nikita
  • @lailanieg #Nikita was great tonight! I wish I could spot crazy patterns like Fletcher!
  • @ShyHustler loved tonight’s episode of #Nikita once again.
  • @heidie13 #Nikita episode was amazing tonight. Wow, I feel really bad for Alex
  • @hxnna well damn, amanda. #nikita
  • @FrancisCossette #Nikita was awesome! Again! @TheRealMsClarke was all kinds of wowza.
  • @kayfro Holy balls, I do not know what just happened with this show and I’ve watched this clip 3 times now. #Nikita #ShitGotReal
  • @yortalnahtanoj Learning how to swear in Russian by watching #Nikita.
  • @CandyMaize Tonight’s #Nikita was great. Loved the twists. Also loved that there was more Alberta Watson in this episode. 🙂
  • @yolanda_fields Once again tonight’s #Nikita episode was amazing. So many unexpected storylines. Blew me away. 🙂
  • @kendralynneee #Nikita was awesome tonight.
  • @DannyDegagne I kept screaming at the TV today while watching #Nikita, and then I started flipping out from the twist. I get so into it.
  • @lisapease Nice. #Nikita always feels ripped from just beneath the headlines. Smartest spy show yet.
  • @karahowlandTV Tonight’s episode of #Nikita is the best episode they’ve EVER done. I only wish Percy had been in it too.
  • @musiczangel Looks like Michael wants to see his son and what’s Cassandra gonna be like? Oi. Interesting. #Nikita is hitting breaking point
  • @lorien_v Division vs. Oversight. A kickass episode! #NikitaF
  • @KarlieMildraed #Nikita was all over the place this evening. Classic
  • @mzRockinB HOLY COW!! #Nikita Did not see that coming!!!!
  • @chamak_chalo He’s alive!!! #nikita thank God
  • @sylviajiangmusi The Nikita Ep. today cannot be described by any word except for WOW! #Nikita
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