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Celebrating My Favorite Fandoms


New shadowbox with Veronica Mars lanyard and Fringe coin from Fringenuity

For many, September is the month after August, but for others September is a Fringe event which @DannaAissa is celebrating by posting September related pictures on Twitter or Instagram. I don’t have a fedora to honor everyone’s favorite Observer and I can’t handle spicy food, HOWEVER I recently finished a craft project that celebrates the show. Not too long after the Veronica Mars movie premiered I wanted to fill a shadowbox with tokens of fandoms that have largely impacted how I experience television shows. I chose three shows: So Weird, Veronica Mars and Fringe. I like to call So Weird my beginnings. I wasn’t on the internet talking with other viewers or joining petitions but I was participating in a local fan group at my elementary school. My friends and I watched the show, talked about it and adopted characters from the show. (And for those who know a little Pop Culture Nexus history, Louise was part of this awesome group) It wasn’t until Veronica Mars that I began interacting with other fans who were not classmates and then Fringe taught me how incredibly supportive a fandom can be outside the show. I’m still looking for a So Weird token to place in the shadowbox, but for now, my Veronica Mars movie lanyard and Fringe coin are great tokens to look at when I need a reminder of the power a fan community can have on a show and its own members.

Visit @DannaAissa’s blog to learn how you can participate in #SeptembertheObserver



What We Learned at Awesome Con, Part 2

Nicholas Brendon before his Q&A

Nicholas Brendon before his Q&A

Perhaps it is customary or we were just overzealous about being at our first con but we bought a lot of stuff. We bought shirts and several art prints. In fact, if you are interested in decorating your house/room with pop culture items then go to comic con. Forget Crate & Barrel, artists’ alley is the place to shop. Read more about our adventures at Awesome Con…

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Can’t this girl catch a break? Poor SMG. Someone is always trying to kill her.

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Did you graduate from Whedon University?

I did and I majored in Witty Dialogue.

What was your major?


Ringer Photo Recap: “It Just Got Normal”

Photo by Art Streiber 2011

The CW’s Tuesday melodrama returned last week with new episodes, so strap on that seatbelt and great ready for another sinuous ride.
Real Siobhan is back in New York and ready to cause trouble in Bridget’s life. She has her eyes set on Andrew’s money and Henry’s body. Meanwhile, Bridget pretending to be Siobhan continues to play house with Andrew and Bridget, even volunteering to organize an auction for Juliet’s school. A new character is introduced with the auction storyline and seems to know the details on Siobhan’s dirty secrets. Will she help Bridget discover who is after Siobhan? Or will she share Gemma’s fate? Before this Ringer train derails, let’s analyze last week’s episode with a photo recap.

Photos provided by HomeoftheNutty

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‘Ringer’ Redux: About the Bangs…

Rejoice, fans of delightfully bad soapy noir! Ringer has returned! Back from hiatus, this week’s Ringer began with a requisite shot of Siobhan’s giant photo of herself in the foyer (of course), and ended with Buffy punching Logan Echolls in the face. SERIOUSLY. That was the greatest moment of television since the episode of Veronica Mars where Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter shared a scene together. (If you’re not a fan of Buffy or V-Mars, these moments were probably less momentous for you. Also, what’s wrong with you?) I was too busy freaking out about Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Dohring being onscreen together to really appreciate the intensity of the scene, but the bottom line is, SMG can still throw a punch, and Jason Dohring can still take one. (My friend whom I was watching with—a fellow Buffy/V-Mars fan—commented on how often Dohring gets cast as someone who punches people/gets punched.) Anyway, disappointing teen sexual assault storyline aside, I look forward to seeing more scenes between SMG and Jason Dohring, preferably involving more violence. Or some good puns. This show could really use more puns.

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Seven Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the TV Fanatic

Still looking for a Halloween costume? Pop Culture Nexus presents six simple costumes you can create just by raiding your closet.

Willow the Sexy Ghost
What you need- very short skirt, tight blouse (particularly one that shows off midriff), eyeshadow, dark red lipstick, and a white bed sheet.

Smart Teenage Detective
What you need- jeans, black shirt, green jacket with numerous pockets, and a camera.

Pilot on Serenity
What you need- brown baggy pants and a Hawaiian shirt.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce  employee
What you need- suit, skinny tie, hair gel, cigarette, and a glass of scotch.

College Professor
What you need- jeans, red tie, blue oxford shirt, and suit jacket. Add a fedora and whip for style.

Member of the Colonial fleet
What you need- gray sleeveless shirt, black tank top, and green cargo pants.

Party Down Caterer
What you need- black pants, white dress shirt, and pink bow tie.

Have A Happy Halloween!

A Letter to Ringer from Buffy Fans

Dear Ringer,

Do not take the Buffy comparisons personally. It happened and it will happen again.
When they announced your arrival we thought – same girl, same network affiliate, but different show. The years of Sarah Michelle Gellar playing Buffy Summers are long gone. Now, we make room for Bridget and Siobhan. Ringer is not Buffy, and we never expected it to be. However, the tendency to compare you to Buffy is irresistible, which was apparent during the season premiere. We made references to vampires, called Siobhan to get a stake when she was being attacked, and thought of the Buffy bot when Gellar appeared as twins on screen. Call it stubbornness. Call it Buffy fever. Call it whatever you like. Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer has left an indelible mark on television viewers and writers (see videos below). Sure, we’ll continue making Buffy references but that does not mean we expect you to be Buffy. We have given you your own space.  You have established a different tone and found a home in a different genre. We are happy to welcome you to the TV family.

                                                                      Stake in your heart,
Buffy Fans

Buffy the Vampire Slayer references in Pop Culture.
Big Wolf on Campus








Watch Ringer tonight on the CW at 9/8c.

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