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10 Adorable Kids in Star Wars Cosplay

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone!

Everyone knows that Star Wars by itself is awesome, but what happens when you add kids and cosplay to the mix? The result is adorableness overload. Don’t believe us? Check out these amazing kids and their costumes. (Round of applause to the parents for giving birth to kids with such high levels of midi-chlorians.)

1. Mini Skywalker Riding a Tauntaun



2. Ewoks on an Adventure

Their cuteness is lethal enough to take down the Empire.



3. Boy’s Best Friend



4. Strolling Podracer



5. Baby Droids



6. Sleeping Jedi

This baby is channeling the Force during nap time.



7. Grieving Lil Fett



8. Tiny Jawa



9. Leia Calls the Shots

Move over Han, Leia is driving this ship.



10. Pretty in Pink

This tot was creative with her Galactic Empire uniform.





Seven Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the TV Fanatic

Still looking for a Halloween costume? Pop Culture Nexus presents six simple costumes you can create just by raiding your closet.

Willow the Sexy Ghost
What you need- very short skirt, tight blouse (particularly one that shows off midriff), eyeshadow, dark red lipstick, and a white bed sheet.

Smart Teenage Detective
What you need- jeans, black shirt, green jacket with numerous pockets, and a camera.

Pilot on Serenity
What you need- brown baggy pants and a Hawaiian shirt.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce  employee
What you need- suit, skinny tie, hair gel, cigarette, and a glass of scotch.

College Professor
What you need- jeans, red tie, blue oxford shirt, and suit jacket. Add a fedora and whip for style.

Member of the Colonial fleet
What you need- gray sleeveless shirt, black tank top, and green cargo pants.

Party Down Caterer
What you need- black pants, white dress shirt, and pink bow tie.

Have A Happy Halloween!

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