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Do you suffer from Fringe Withdrawal?


Happy Birthday Louise!

This probably won’t top last year’s post but I think Louise will still enjoy it. Happy Birthday Friend!


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Photo: Bob D'Amico, ABC

Photo: Bob D’Amico, ABC

Screencaps from

Fringe Week Ends



That’s a wrap everyone!

We hope you enjoyed reading the articles and celebrating the show’s finale with friends.

Take a look back at all of the content from Fringe Week.

Thank you!

-Mary and Louise


The Fringe Series Finale Written by Fans

Before you watch the series finale tomorrow night, read how these fans wish to see the story conclude.

Written by Shaylie

Etta runs into Peter’s strong embrace, wrapping her chubby arms around his neck and laughing in delight as he stands and spins her around. He kisses her cheek and carries her back to where Olivia is now packing up their belongings. Olivia looks up from placing the blanket into the picnic basket and smiles affectionately at her family, eyes glimmering with happiness. When Peter sets Etta down, she runs beaming to her mother. Olivia takes one of Etta’s tiny hands and smiles down at her with unconditional love. Peter then takes Etta’s other hand and the three of them head home. As they walk, Olivia blissfully gazes at Peter.

“You know what this is?” Olivia inquires with a warm grin.

“The perfect day,” Peter answers.

“Yes, the perfect day.”

The camera focuses on their backs as the family walks away. Bit by bit, camera pans upward and focuses on the sky, where the clouds resemble a field of white tulips blowing in the wind. Slowly, the screen fades to black, giving a heartwarming ending to “the little show that could.” 

Written by Anna Elizabeth (@GodsGirl1989)

When the bomb went off when Etta died, it transferred her to the Redverse where a young man named Ty found her and took her home to his parents which just happened to be Lincoln and Fauxlivia! They were extremely surprised to learn who she was and decided they should take her to Walternate to figure out a way to cure her wound and send her back to the Blueverse to be reunited with her parents; but the plan to get her home would require a sacrifice, so Lincoln and Fauxlivia decided they would both put themselves in harm’s way and let fate take its course.

In the meantime Ty and Etta fell in love and Ty decided he would crossover with Etta to stay with her and start a new life as a couple. 

The plan to get Etta home worked and she was joyously reunited with her parents, and when they saw her, they could not believe it and they embraced her and cried for what seemed like forever and then Peter promised her that he would NEVER lose her again. They also had a big surprise for her as Olivia was now 9 months pregnant!

Meanwhile, the sacrifice demanded Fauxlivia’s life and as she was dying in Lincoln’s arms, he kissed her and she was revived by the true love they shared. After their epic kiss, a huge rainbow appeared in the sky and then Ty proposed to Etta! Lincoln and Fauxlivia and Peter and Olivia were thrilled and within two years, they all became grandparents! Ty and Etta had twins that they named Wally and Lizzy after their great grandparents, Walter and Elizabeth.

With the help of both universes, the world was rid of Observers, except for baby September which Olivia gave birth to the day after Etta returned. Peter and Liv were surprised to learn that their second bundle of joy was an Observer after they had just fought a hard battle to save the world from Observers, but then they realized that when he was conceived, Peter still had some of the Observer stuff in his system! Then they figured out that their baby was September (also known as Michael in his child form). They were astounded but loved him all the same! Now, the world was at peace and they could finally all be a happy family and in the words of Little Ella, ‘They lived happily ever after. The End.’

Share your predictions on how the show will end in the comments section.

Astrid Farnsworth Appreciation Day

We love Astrid Farnsworth. She is funny, intelligent, a ray of sunshine, and an extraordinary friend. One can only aspire to have a friendship like the one she has with Walter. She is one of those iconic, secondary television characters that fans die to see more of, sadly though, Astrid has been reduced to a three-line character in each episode of season five. A shorter season understandably means sacrificing major plot lines for supporting characters, but c’mon-the amber laser device has had more screen time this season than our favorite junior agent!


This is why we have decided to declare today Astrid Farnsworth Appreciation Day. Share your favorite Astrid moment in the comments section. Is it when she met her Redverse counterpart in “Making Angels”? Or how about when she made that badass U-turn after hearing Walter was in danger in “Grey Matters”? Tell us! Show your love for the girl who maintains the lab well-supplied with Red Vines.


-Mary and Louise

Fringe Week Giveaway Contest

Mystery solved Fringies!

Walter may not remember where he placed the White Tulip but we know. winking He sent it to Pop Culture Nexus for safe keeping and we decided to turn it into a shirt. The shirt is completely hand-drawn making it one of a kind, and we want to give it away to a reader.


All you have to do to enter the contest is share your favorite moment from Fringe in the comments section and include your first name/twitter handle/or username (any title that will identify you). We will then put all of the names in an Observer hat and randomly pick a winner. Each person will be allowed ONE entry but feel free to respond to other favorite moments submitted by fans.

Contest closes on Saturday, January 19 at 5 PM EST

Happy Fringe Week!

-Mary & Louise

*T-shirt size is Medium (width 20, length 29)

TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×11 “The Boy Must Live”


Read the reactions from fans to the show’s penultimate episode. Special thank you to Angela (@angelamorales18) for collecting the tweets.

  • @aimeeinchains ‪@cerveris Take a bow, sir. Best episode of Fringe this season and one of my personal faves. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @YaGottaBKiddnMe So, there are seriously no more females in the observers time. None at all. I’m sorry but, that makes me laugh. ‪#neverletgo ‪#fringe
  • @good_ol_chris I’ll ‪#NeverLetGo of Fringe. I’m going to cry like a baby ‪#bestshow
  • @_xoxoLex one of the greatest episodes ever. flawless! ‪#Fringe ‪#neverletgo
  • @Sondos_Sanades this Fringe episode have so many emotions and feelings in the air, that even the Observers notice them! xD ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Izz023 ‪@cerveris it was so refreshing to see September/Donald as a human with so much compassion and emotion. Well done, sir! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @RaggedyObserver are September and his son, Michael, on a secret mission? did they communicate telepathically? ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#FRINGE
  • @elshannahb I need to rewatch that episode..couldnt see the screen thru my tears..beautiful hour of TV. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @IviFringie Si Peter y Olivia no terminan juntos no lo miro más (jajaja) ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @PapayaGoo ‪@cerveris did a wonderful job transforming our Observer into Donald on tonight’s episode of FRINGE. He ‪#NeverLetGo of September.
  • @Bongela_Ice LMAO at Olivia’s reaction to trunk-less Walter! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @coreywcraig Way too excited for ‪#fringe series finale next week. Today’s episode was really good set up. Can’t freaking wait!
  • @fly2mebutterfly: I vow to ‪#NeverLetGo of my Fringe DVD’s and watch them EVERY Friday.Don’t want to live without Fringe Friday’s! Yes-Crazed
  • @GodsGirl1989: This episode blew my mind on a whole new level!!!!!!! ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @AUDone44: This episode of ‪#FRINGE is literally jaw dropping. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Lindseypatten1: Fringe looks AMAZING! *passes out from feels* ‪#fringe ‪#NeverLetGo‪#fringeonfox
  • @ImpossThings6: ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo But really, am I the only one concerned that w/o observers we never get Polivia, or is this their love saves all again?
  • @ojgoldstein: I’m going to miss this show and these characters. At least we’ll have the DVDs so we can ‪#NeverLetGo.
  • @ILGCY: This show is so amazing and beautiful, and it saddens me that so many people fail to realize this! ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Aaron_Carpenter: I am glad the White Tulip has returned. I was worried we would never see it again. ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @AnnaTorvNet: So much going on my head right now, I think it’s going to explode! Too much in just one episode! ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#Fringe
  • @StefanieParrish: Phew! For a minute I thought he said “sacrifice my son”… glad I was wrong bc how many times can they kill ‪@VancityJax? ‪#neverletgo‪#fringe
  • @TweetOnSistah: Does the palm touching between September and Michael remind anyone of The Color Purple? “You and me will never part…”‪#NeverLetGo
  • @NataliaQuique: Connections. That is such a ‪@JWFRINGE word. Oh, man… you took science fiction and you gave it a heart. I love you. ‪#NeverLetGoFringe
  • @travelgrl32: But it was Walter started all this, so he has to make the ultimate sacrifice!!! 😦 ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @fringeuniverse: Hmmm…Peter wasn’t the boy that was important. Not sure how I fee about that 😦 ‪#neverletgo
  • @lexifer41: I have always adored September! I knew he was alive! My favorite observer is human now. Awesome show! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @victorianminds: Olivia Dunham IS kicking ass. For the1st time, she’s listening to her emotions.It’s a different kind of bravery but also bad ass‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Irishgirlnc: Hmm, the red & green lights! I thought it was going to work like they did in ep 1.08, putting the person into a trance. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @OliveIsMine: Ooops wrong Observer. He’s still ALMOST dancing. Move those legs my Observer friend! ‪#NeverLetGo FRINGE
  • @victorianminds: I really like the idea of Walter & Donald hanging out & being friends.‪#NeverLetGo Fringe
  • @wistful_: Windmark is learning anger and hate. Not the emotions you necessarily want to get back. ‪#neverletgo
  •  @Ocean5ouL: I can’t help but Olivia Dunham just feels like a sidekick to me. From hero to zero. ;( ‪#NeverLetGo FRINGE
  • @runpaceyrun: The Bishop Boys just make me weep every time. I love them so much. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @brownbettyhigh: Real emotions from Josh & John in that scene. U can just c it. So good together. ‪@VancityJax ‪@johnnob58004412 ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @smilemoreplz: aweee. Walter and Peter together always makes me smile. They’ve come so far ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @cynmack: ‪#NeverLetGo of those fantastic Peter/Walter scenes ‪#fringe
  • @Branion: ‪#Fringe ends where it begins-In the tank. I like Olivia in the tank better than Walter. FRINGE FRIDAY ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#LastSeason‪@FRINGEonFOX

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An Interview with Fringenuity


Ladies and gentlemen, And Gene,

We present another great interview with Fringenuity.

The wonderful folks that make up the Fringenuity team are, in our opinion, the leaders of the Fringe fandom. They rally the fans together to complete successful projects and campaigns. Think of them as incarnations of William Wallace, leading the Fringies into battle against the powerful and authoritative Neilsen ratings. One of these amazing leaders is named Annie (@birdandbear). She is a founding member of Fringenuity, and the person behind the Ambergram initiative.

Read the rest of this entry

Fringe Week Part 2

Cast of Fringe, TV Guide, August 1, 2011

Photo by Jason O’Dell/Contour by Getty Images
The Cast of Fringe for TV Guide Magazine on July 23, 2011 in San Diego, California.

Fringe Week is an online wrap party for the fans. Find out what is happening each day with this schedule.

We hope you have fun!

-Mary and Louise

Fringenuity’s #NeverLetGo Twitter Event is Friday

NeverLetGo[1] NeverLetGo[2] NeverLetGo[3]


Don’t forget to tweet “#NeverLetGo” on Friday at 8PM EST. Read the full details from Fringenuity.

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