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Tribute to Aimee Long

Two months ago, the fandom lost an important member and leader. Her name was Aimee Long and as we look back and remember the show that rallied so many people together, let’s also remember the person who had a profound impact on the Fringe movement. We asked Annie who co-founded Fringenuity with Aimee to take the lead on the tribute. Please feel free to share your stories of Aimee or your appreciation of her work.

As we celebrate the first anniversary of Fringe‘s conclusion, it’s only fitting to pay tribute to Aimee Long as one of the people who made that conclusion possible. As a Fringenuity leader, Aimee was an icon in the fan community. Long before our coordinated social media campaigns were even an idea, Aimee helped brainstorm and gather support for the Blue Moon Awards. She was ever active in the Twitter and Facebook dialogues, and never missed a Fringe Friday if she could help it. When things started to look dire for the show, she and her co-founders refused to accept the apparent inevitability of cancellation, seeking alternate ways to attract attention to the show and its undocumented viewership.

Aimee helped build Fringenuity from a handful of half-baked ideas into the smashing success story that will remain her legacy. Her inventiveness and hours of tireless work helped bring a fandom together to mount a support campaign like no other before it. She was an inspiration to all of us, a funny, stubborn, fiercely loyal friend with a gift for engaging people and making them believe. She became the voice of Fringenuity, lending her prolific writing skills to the blog and manning the Twitter account with indefatigable buoyancy. She loved Fringe, its creators, and its fans with equal passion, fiercely proud of the community we became. She was present at every hashtagging session, throwing out ideas both serious and off the wall (and someday I really will gather a bunch of the jokey ones and post them – we had way too much fun in there.) She was a bright light that repudiated the darkness, and Fringe may never have gotten a fifth season without her gigantic heart.

From the moment we’re born, we are all dying, and the universe is unspeakably cruel. Our one hope is that we can find some purpose, some meaning before that last day comes. Some happiness… and love.”

Aimee believed she’d found a purpose in her work at Fringenuity. She discovered that she had a love for writing as well as a talent for it, and was working as a freelance blogger while seeking entry to the social media consultant field. She found meaning, and so much love in the community that we built, and was endlessly inspired by the support and care that we give each other. Her loss hit me very hard, but I find solace in knowing that for everything she gave us, she felt she was receiving it back tenfold through the love of her Fringe family.

Aimee passed away peacefully in her sleep in November 2013, missing the premiere of Almost Human, for which she’d been campaigning just as fiercely less than two weeks earlier. Her memorial fund will remain open until spring to accept donations for her son, who is scheduled to start college this fall*.

*North Texas Browncoats is the name on the Paypal account. It’s primarily tied to North Texas’ Can’t Stop the Serenity fundraising efforts, but those events are in their off season right now. When it’s time to switch purposes,  Aimee’s donation button will be taken down and any funds collected will be passed on to her loved ones.

-Annie @birdandbear


Dead Man Down Twitter Event – March 7, 8PM EST

Pop Culture Nexus is organizing a Twitter event on March 7, from 8 PM to 9 PM EST to promote the film’s March 8 release.

If you are a fan of J.H. Wyman, Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard, Dominic Cooper, Noomi Rapace, Wade Barrett, or Niels Arden Oplev, then join us 8-9PM as we try to get “#DeadManDown” on the Trending Topics List.

@Fringenuity (the amazing folks who spearheaded the Fringe Twitter events) and @GodsGirl1989 are supporting the event. Will you?

Tweet your excitement for Dead Man Down on Thursday, March 7, 8-9 PM EST!

Video created by @GodsGirl1989

-Mary and Louise

An Interview with Fringenuity


Ladies and gentlemen, And Gene,

We present another great interview with Fringenuity.

The wonderful folks that make up the Fringenuity team are, in our opinion, the leaders of the Fringe fandom. They rally the fans together to complete successful projects and campaigns. Think of them as incarnations of William Wallace, leading the Fringies into battle against the powerful and authoritative Neilsen ratings. One of these amazing leaders is named Annie (@birdandbear). She is a founding member of Fringenuity, and the person behind the Ambergram initiative.

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Fringenuity’s #NeverLetGo Twitter Event is Friday

NeverLetGo[1] NeverLetGo[2] NeverLetGo[3]


Don’t forget to tweet “#NeverLetGo” on Friday at 8PM EST. Read the full details from Fringenuity.

Fringenuity’s Twitter Event Is This Friday

Fringe208-0128[2] Fringe208-0129 Fringe208-0131[2] Fringe208-0134


Participate in Fringenuity’s Twitter Event on Friday by tweeting “#FarFromNormal” at 8PM EST. Read the full details here.

Participate in Fringenuity’s Twitter Campaign

Join the Twitter Event on Fringe Friday! #TheyAreHere

Read all the details on Fringenuity.

An Interview with Fringenuity

Welcome to Fringe Week everyone!

We think the perfect way to kick off the week is with an interview with Aimee (@aimeeinchains), a member of the Fringenuity team. They are the most active Fringe faction and have received national attention with their twitter campaign during Season 4. Aimee took some time to share what Fringenuity has planned for the final season and offer advice to other fandoms fighting low ratings. Consider this the State of the Fringe Universe address.

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