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Veronica Mars Movie Fan Reactions

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It’s the day after the world premiere and Veronica Mars fans are still gushing over the film. Check out some of the reactions on Twitter


Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 6 Days Left

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Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 17 Days Left


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Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 22 Days Left

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Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 24 Days Left


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Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 25 Days Left


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Cliff McCormack is back!

One of my favorite characters from Veronica Mars is going to be in the movie and I’M SO EXCITED. AND I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT.

Cliff McCormack’s banter rivaled Veronica’s making him one of the funniest and entertaining characters in the series. Many times, his appearances were brief but they were memorable. I can’t wait to see the character back on the screen reprised by the one and only Daran Norris.

Share your favorite Cliff moments in the comments section

In other exciting Veronica Mars news today…George Lucas is part of the production team. WHAT THE WHAT?! It makes sense now. The Force has always been strong with this show, and nothing can defeat the Force.

Seriously though, how much does that guy on the left look like Mr. Lucas? I say a 7.

Photo by @danetheridge

Photo by @danetheridge


Veronica Mars Fandom Interviews Part 3


CONGRATULATIONS MARSHMALLOWS!! The Veronica Mars kickstarter campaign raised more than 5 million dollars and broke numerous records. Fans rock! Here’s the final installment of the Veronica Mars fandom interviews. Enjoy.

Carianne (@IMCarianne723) became a Veronica Mars fan at around 15 or 16 years old when her twin sister started watching it. She became obsessed and though the show was already off the air, she signed petitions for a movie and participated in tweetathons. Carianne kept the hope alive that one day there would be a movie, and now that is a reality. Continuing reading for her reaction to the Kickstarter campaign.

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Veronica Mars Fandom Interviews Part 2


Meet Lillian, a devoted Veronica Mars fan who has been tweeting her support for a movie since 2009. She is member of Neptune Rising and super excited to spend a day on the set once Rob Thomas begins filming. Find out how she was introduced to the show and her reaction to the Kickstarter campaign.

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Veronica Mars Fandom Interviews Part 1


Several weeks ago, we contacted Mark Thompson, the administrator of Neptune Rising, to interview Veronica Mars fans for a project we are developing about TV fans. We planned to release the interviews in the coming months, however, something BIG happened on March 13, 2013. Hopefully, you heard but if you haven’t…THERE IS GOING TO BE A VERONICA MARS MOVIE!!!!!!!

On March 13, Rob Thomas (not the musician) created a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $2 million needed to make a Veronica Mars movie. Not only did he reach his goal that day, he broke Kickstarter records by reaching the $1 million mark in under five hours!! We are still crying tears of joy. The show is very special to us. We’ve participated in campaigns, wrote an unofficial movie script, and introduced friends to the show, all the while hoping that one day the cast and creator would be allowed to properly end the story.  Our dream came true on March 13 when all of the Marshmallows rallied together and helped fund film. We are so proud of the fans that we have to share these interviews with the world, and celebrate their determination to never give up.

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