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‘Almost Human’ 1×09 Photo Recap: “Unbound”

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 5.50.22 PM

Football season is over, which means Fox can finally get back to its regularly scheduled programming—AKA sexy police robots instead of Cleatus the NFL robot. (I still can’t believe he has his own Twitter.) And oh, how I’ve missed Dorian and John and their undeniable sexual chemistry (and occasional crime-fighting). This week’s episode was like a futuristic Frankenstein retelling (but not in a ridiculous way…*cough* I, Frankenstein *cough*), but instead of an ugly green dude with neck bolts, Frankenstein’s monster was a hottie with an automatic weapon (played by MMA fighter/actress Gina Carano). This was all well and good, and there was plenty of fighting and blowing things up and tender emotional moments between Dorian and John (well, at least two moments), but the real highlight of the episode (other than Rudy talking about his lack of venereal diseases) was the reveal of a rather large piece of mythology: something called “the Wall.”

I’m not gonna lie, when they first started talking about “the other side,” I was seriously hoping that there was an alternate universe in play here á la Fringe. They’d break down the Wall only to come face to face with Peter and Olivia and Walter, and we’d have a surprise spin-off on our hands. (Hey, a fan can dream.) Then I thought maybe this was just a metaphorical wall, like Pink Floyd was always singing about. But, alas, when we saw John Larroquette attempting to zip up the wall to the other side, it was clear that this is a very large, very literal wall that we’re talking about. But before we start theorizing about what’s on the other side, let’s review the rest of “Unbound.”

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The New ‘Survivor’ Cast as Characters from ‘Lost’

Survivor Blood vs Water cast

As I watched the season premiere of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water last week, I felt a sudden sense of déjà vu. Not because this was the 27th time I’ve watched a group of people in bathing suits try to start a fire with bamboo, but because seeing John (returning player Candice’s doctor hubby) get teary-eyed amidst a backdrop of tropical foliage immediately reminded me of Jack from Lost. Once I made that connection, I couldn’t stop seeing these castaways as characters from Lost. Most of the parallels are a bit of a stretch, but if you happen to be obsessed with Lost as well as a Survivor fan, you might just agree…

*WARNING: There are some Lost spoilers, as well as spoilers from the first episode of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

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Storm Preparedness Checklist: Nutella, Scrabble, & Other Lesser-known Emergency Essentials

Are you ready for Frankenstorm? You’ve probably already got the basics taken care of. Bottled water? Check. Batteries? Check. Celebrity-themed crossword puzzles? Check. These are the obvious supplies people tell you to stock up on for an impending catastrophe. But what about the overlooked essentials? The things the Red Cross doesn’t remind you about, but boy will you be glad you thought of them when you’re sitting in your dark house finishing off the last of your mostly-melted Chunky Monkey ice cream. So ask yourself, am I ready? If that answer is, “Yes, of course—I was an Eagle Scout,” then good for you. But otherwise, take a look at this checklist to see if you have everything you’ll need:

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‘Revolution,’ You Officially Have My Attention

Photo courtesy of NBC

Until this point, I was only moderately interested in NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution, but last night’s episode was the tipping point at which I became officially hooked. Apparently all it took was a Romeo & Juliet love story, some Captain Neville back-story, and Frank Lapidus. Who knew that was all you needed to get me to watch a TV show? (It’s sad but true—I will watch pretty much anything with a forbidden love story and Lost alumni.) Let’s go over the highlights of this week’s episode that have led me to commit to this show:

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TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×02 “In Absentia”


Congratulations Fringies for successfully making “#AnotherWay” trend worldwide, and thank you @angelamorales18 for compiling tonight’s reactions from fans:

  • @taychill: LOL there were so many #Lost references in tonight’s #Fringe 🙂 i like! #AnotherWay
  • ‏@jem219: Didn’t realize just how much I cared about September and now he’s gone #AnotherWay
  • ‏@Goingpostal83: #Fringe is too damn Good this season to be done after this season. Just doesn’t seem right. #anotherway
  • @travelgrl32: @fringe_campaign The way Olivia was looking at Peter while tattooing him! You can see how much she loves him! #AnotherWay
  • ‏@fringe_campaign: Olivia = Hope #AnotherWay
  • @Ocean5ouL: Awwwwww… her smile. She’s proud of her *daughter. AND OMG THE SCORE. ❤ #anotherway
  • @frozenaura: Good girl, Etta. You might be hardened by all of this …there’s hope for you yet. Just listen to Mommy. #AnotherWay
  • @serenityinall: I get this feeling that every week of S5 of #Fringe is going to be my fav! Loved tonight’s ep! #AnotherWay
  • ‏@aimeeinchains: Took a strong dad maneuver from Peter to keep Etta from going terminator after seeing fate of Simon. I would’ve went bonkers. #AnotherWay
  • ‏@AccessoryGal: #Fringe gave me the chills tonight. What a power episode! @fringeonfox
  • @mutnat: Lots of great #LOST references tonight on #Fringe #InAbsentia. #Radzinsky, #Dharma tapes, I half-expected Dr. Marvin Candle! 😀 #AnotherWay
  • @pixelsmith24: Never doubted you, Etta! You know more than your mom when it comes to the Loyalists! #AnotherWay
  • @EvilVagenda: Is that a missing Dharma Initiative video? #AnotherWay
  • @RKron: Why is it always the eye?! #AnotherWay
  • @Hogscald: Fringe!!!! That’s what I’m talking about! #AnotherWay
  • @Fringie6989: @JWFRINGE Just stopped crying from last week and now I’m crying even harder! This is some beautiful, gut-wrenching, golden stuff right here!
  • @Wetterfrosch_xD: OMFG!!! NEXT EPISODE RIGHT NOW PLEASE!!!! #AnotherWay
  • @MC_247: If Newton was able to do it, there is hope yet for Simon.
  • @Kaelity: I’m team Etta, haters gonna hate. #AnotherWay
  • ‏@Fringenuity: ROFL!! The clapper still works! xD #AnotherWay
  • @fringeuniverse: Ewww… It wouldn’t be Fringe if I didn’t get grossed out at least once. #AnotherWay
  • @Marieme27: Olivia will always be the BEST #AnotherWay
  • @salanderian: Wow. Etta seems even more badass than Olivia. #AnotherWay

Top 5 Pop Culture Inspired Tattoos

Have you ever loved a movie, a book, a TV show, or an icon so much that you decided to get it permanently inked on your body? Well, these people have. Today, we salute them. This week’s Top 5 Tuesday features our favorite pop culture related tattoos, from Star Wars to Joss Whedon.

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Top 5 TV “I Love You”s

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! (Or, happy League of Women Voters Day, if you’re Liz Lemon.) And what a wonderful coincidence that it happens to fall on a Tuesday, making it the perfect excuse for me to celebrate Top 5 Tuesday by counting up our top 5 declarations of love on television…

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How ‘Lost’ Should Have Ended

Well, we’ve almost made it through our first whole year without Lost, and tragic as it may be, we have to accept that this is our life now. OR…we can cling to the past and keep reliving the wonder of Lost over and over again, starting with this hilarious video from!

I’ll leave you with some inspirational parting words from the great John Locke:

Top 5 Tuesday: Perpetual TV Bad Guys

Fredric Lane on 'Supernatural,' Jack Coleman and his signature horn-rimmed glasses on 'Heroes,' & Arnold Vosloo on '24'

Welcome to another riveting edition of Pop Culture Nexus’ Top 5 Tuesday, where we celebrate the most excitingly random categories you can imagine. This week, we’re taking a moment to recognize the hard-working actors who are really good at being bad. Without further ado, here are the usual suspects… (WARNING: Some spoilers ahead!)

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‘Lost’ In ‘Once Upon A Time’

Left: Henry & Emma on 'Once Upon A Time'; Right: Ben & Hurley share an Apollo bar on 'Lost'

I am really enjoying ABC’s new fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time. One of the things I love most about it is the Lost references. (There were at least six in the pilot, and a handful since then.) Not a surprise, considering the show was created by two former Lost writers. This week’s episode, entitled “That Still Small Voice,” included a nod to Lost that brought back some fond memories. Did you catch it? When Archie the shrink (AKA Jiminy Cricket) was going through Henry’s backpack containing his provisions for his incredibly unsafe mine exploration, he pulled out a chocolate bar, but it wasn’t just any chocolate bar, it was an Apollo bar! These candy bars show up periodically throughout Lost, as seen above in the picture of Hurley sharing an Apollo bar with Ben in season 4. Maybe next week on Once Upon A Time, Snow White will visit Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, or we’ll discover that Cinderella’s favorite band is Drive Shaft. I for one can’t wait to see more winks and nods to my dear departed Lost. To see all the Easter eggs from the pilot episode, check out this website. What other Lost references did you catch in this week’s Once Upon A Time? Did you notice the Mayor from Buffy was in this episode? Are you loving this show as much as I am? Leave your thoughts in the comments section, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus.


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