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Photo Recap: Star Wars: A New Hope


A film?! Pop Culture Nexus photo recapped a film?! Yes, we did.

To celebrate the site’s two-year anniversary, we decided to work together to recap one of the most iconic films in the country universe. Star Wars: A New Hope. Cue the 20th Century Fox Fanfare and iconic THX sound.


If you are a regular reader, thanks for supporting Pop Culture Nexus, and you know the history of photo recaps on the site so you can skip ahead to the opening scene. If you are new to the site and photo recaps, WELCOME! Here’s a brief history (we promise this is less boring than watching paint dry). In 2012, Louise, one of the creators of this site, was inspired by Price Peterson’s Vampire Diaries photo recaps on, and she decided to apply that fun form of storytelling to Fringe.  Her first episode was season 4, episode 8 “Back to Where You’ve Never Been,” and after a few posts, she was surprised to find that fans were actually reading them. Shortly after, Mary began creating photo captions for Fringe and Castle. The end. See, that wasn’t so bad. So, to celebrate two years of Pop Culture Nexus, we decided to travel to uncharted territory—a galaxy far, far away. We’re glad you could join us on this journey and we hope you have fun.

May the Force be with you,

–Mary & Louise

*This is solely for entertainment purposes. Everything related to Star Wars is owned by 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Lucasfilm. Pop Culture Nexus owns nothing.

Screencaptures are from

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Fringe 2×03 “Fracture”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Dunham walked on her own! Since this is the last episode Olivia can park in the handicap space, I decided to write a farewell letter to her trusty, black walking cane.

Dear Mr. Cane,

I am sad to see you go, but you had an amazing exit. Thank you for saving the day and always being there to offer support. You were a fantastic superhero accessory.

Warmest Regards,


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