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Happy Birthday Louise

Dear Louise,

Thank you for existing! You are an amazing friend and even more amazing human being. I don’t know what cosmic deal was made for us to reconnect in college after so many years apart but I’m grateful for it. Today is special because it is your birthday. It’s your day! LOUISE DAY!


In my opinion, there should be more Louise days throughout the year because you rock. Here are just some examples of how you make everything cool.

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Celebrating My Favorite Fandoms


New shadowbox with Veronica Mars lanyard and Fringe coin from Fringenuity

For many, September is the month after August, but for others September is a Fringe event which @DannaAissa is celebrating by posting September related pictures on Twitter or Instagram. I don’t have a fedora to honor everyone’s favorite Observer and I can’t handle spicy food, HOWEVER I recently finished a craft project that celebrates the show. Not too long after the Veronica Mars movie premiered I wanted to fill a shadowbox with tokens of fandoms that have largely impacted how I experience television shows. I chose three shows: So Weird, Veronica Mars and Fringe. I like to call So Weird my beginnings. I wasn’t on the internet talking with other viewers or joining petitions but I was participating in a local fan group at my elementary school. My friends and I watched the show, talked about it and adopted characters from the show. (And for those who know a little Pop Culture Nexus history, Louise was part of this awesome group) It wasn’t until Veronica Mars that I began interacting with other fans who were not classmates and then Fringe taught me how incredibly supportive a fandom can be outside the show. I’m still looking for a So Weird token to place in the shadowbox, but for now, my Veronica Mars movie lanyard and Fringe coin are great tokens to look at when I need a reminder of the power a fan community can have on a show and its own members.

Visit @DannaAissa’s blog to learn how you can participate in #SeptembertheObserver


10 Fictional Places We Would Love to Visit

Who doesn’t love traveling to new places? Unfortunately, some places we would like to visit don’t exist. Here is a list of ten fictional places we wish we could visit this summer.

1) Endor

Why? Because the Ewoks are adorable and badasses. They helped defeat the Empire.


Photo source:

2) Hogwarts

Why? “Why not?” is the better question. Quidditch, Apparating, pet owls that are house-trained … Living in the wizarding world would be incredible, but Hogwarts has the added bonus of being the coolest boarding school ever. Hufflepuff pride!

3) Neptune, CA

Why? We would seek employment at Mars Investigations, but secretly, we would visit Neptune to make out with Logan (and Duncan).


Photo source:

4) The Red Universe

Why? Altlivia and Lincoln. Enough said. (Bonus: lots of blimps.)

5) Sunnydale

Why? We want to slay some vampires and drink tea with Giles. (Of course this would be before the town was swallowed up by a Hellmouth. Obviously.)


6) Jurassic Park (with Tom Hiddleston)

Why? Because we want to see Hiddleston communicate with the velociraptors.

Photo source:

Photo source:


7) The New York Institute

Why? Because being a Shadowhunter would be freaking awesome. But mainly because we’d want to meet Jace, Clary, Alec, Simon, Magnus, and every other butt-kicking character from the Mortal Instruments series. And afterwards, we’d stop off at the London Institute circa 1878 to swoon over Will Herondale.


8) Stars Hollow

Why? It may be a small town, but it’s full of big characters. Sure, there are downsides to everyone being involved in everybody else’s lives, but really it’s like having a huge, hilarious family that all live within walking distance of each other. Plus, we would love to eat at Al’s Pancake World, no matter what kind of cuisine he was serving that week.

9) Storybrooke

Why? Where else can you have coffee with Snow White and Captain Hook? I bet if we stuck around long enough, the folks from Star Wars would eventually show up. Storybrooke is basically Disney World without roller coasters.

10) Pawnee, Indiana

Why? Sure, the city almost voted to allow Sweetums to take over their water supply, but what this place lacks in common sense, it makes up in friendship. Also, we will visit any city that had a Star Wars filibuster.


Our Favorite TV Dads

Favorite TV Dads

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to commemorate all of our favorite TV dads. Between them, they’ve had to deal with everything from sibling spats to alternate universe apocalypses, and everything in between. So join us in tipping our hats to these fantastic fictional fathers…

Keith Mars (Veronica Mars)


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Veronica Mars Movie Fan Reactions

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 8.05.33 PM

It’s the day after the world premiere and Veronica Mars fans are still gushing over the film. Check out some of the reactions on Twitter

Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 1 Day Left


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Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 2 Days Left

VeronicaMars1x07[2] VeronicaMars1x07[3]

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‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Photo Precap

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 7.56.25 PM

So you know how we sometimes add absurd captions to our favorite TV shows? Well, now we’re branching out into movie trailers. Ladies and gentlemen, Pop Culture Nexus presents the Veronica Mars Movie photo PREcap—a selection of snippets from the trailer accompanied by nonsensical blurbs. What better way to celebrate the return of our most beloved sassy sleuth? HAPPY VERONICA MARS MOVIE WEEK, EVERYONE!

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Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 3 Days Left

VeronicaMars3x14[1] VeronicaMars3x14[2]

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Veronica Mars Movie Countdown: 4 Days Left


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