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‘Salem’ 1×05 recap: How to catch a witch

Salem 1x05 Cotton box

The characters on Salem are like volatile chemicals: Any two mixed together can create an explosive reaction. This week’s episode featured some surprising pairings, including Tituba and Magistrate Hale, Mary and Mercy, and of course, the always entertaining John (Shane West) and Cotton (Seth Gabel). Who would have expected any of these couples to become allies? It’s amazing how a mutual goal can unite two opposing parties. Whether it’s power, safety, or opening a magic box, nothing brings people together like wanting—or hating—the same thing.

Of course, Cotton and John were the highlight of the episode, from their hilarious plotting to catch a witch using an evil wooden box, to John’s unapologetic cockblocking of Cotton and his ladyfriend. This episode made me wish I had the time and resources to photo recap this show, because…wow. Here’s one more for the road:

Salem 1x05 John unamused

Read my full recap over at EW Community!



Louise Recaps ‘Salem’ Episode 2 for EW Community

Image property of WGN America

Last night was the second episode of Salem, in which Shane West broods and offers sarcastic lectures on why hunting witches is idiotic—all while rocking an awesome wig. It also involves some of the creepiest things you’ll see on TV these days, including possessed dolls, spewing blood, and nipples in weird places. If you’re not watching Salem, you probably should be. And if you want to get caught up on who’s who and what’s what, you can read my recap of episode 2 over at EW Community. Oh, and for any Fringe fans, I want to tell you upfront that you may recognize a trend in my writing about shows with Seth Gabel in them…but I can’t help it that he has so much on-screen chemistry with his male co-stars. And when one of them is Shane West, how you expect them not to sizzle a little bit?


Louise recaps the ‘Salem’ premiere for EW Community

Photo credit: WGN America

In case you hadn’t heard, Louise is taking part in Entertainment Weekly’s new EW Community blog! You can check out her recap of the first episode here. It’s totally worth watching just for Shane West (Nikita) and Seth Gabel (Fringe).

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